What causes SZ

I think you can get sz through your parents, but I think most of the time you get sz through circumstances.


You get sz from kicking yourself around.

I learned in psychology courses that first there is a genetic predisposition and then there is an environmental trigger. For me the trigger was weed. I had my first psychosis when smoking weed at 18 y.o. Its legal here. My friend said I was abnormal and told me sorry if weed made you like that. My friend was normal when smoking weed with me so I knew I had a genetic predisposition. I was hearing voices since I was 16.

I don’t think there is a predisposition, but I haven’t figured it out yet. One reason is you have to get chemically inbalanced so the experts think oh, when you get depression your serotonin gets low. Other chemicals get low when you get sz like doplamine so they think other chemicals don’t get low due to suffering. So that is why they think there is a predisposition.

I don’t know, genetic predisposition makes sense to me.
You can be genetically predisposed to a bunch of things.
My aunt is genetically predisposed to stomach cancer, so she can’t eat red meat or it might trigger it. Same thing could go for schizophrenia

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I think I got it from brain trauma as a child. I stopped breathing as a baby and lacked oxygen from it. I started hearing many voices at 8 years old and have never been normal really. I’ve had these problems for years. I’m so freaking tired. :sweat:

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I think If nothing happens to you, and you get sz, then your parents have it…but when suffering happens to you, then you get sz it is because of the suffering. I don’t know I’m still trying to figure this out. :smiley:

Also when you suffer, then get sz it is because of the suffering, every single time. Here is another idea, what if somebody is predisposed and never gets sz , and never suffers.

The experts think only your serotonin gets effected when suffering, so when other chemicals get effected through suffering…they think you are predisposed therefore. Another reason why they think people are predisposed, is because they don’t understand. I’m still trying to figure this out. :smiley:

I think, what if you are predisposed…it means it is genetic. So why do you have to have suffering happen to you in order to get sz.

what if your parents didn’t have sz, and then you got sz… it’s supposed to be genetic right? Predisposed means genetic, so how do people get sz without being genetic. :smiley:

I also think there is more chemicals in the brain, than serotonin and doplamine, there is also testosterone and estrogen, but that doesn’t effect you in a negative way.

I haven’t figured it out yet. I’m taking a break…feel free to say what you think, then that will help us to figure this out.

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It’s a hole bundle of things no one has figured and the factors are interrelated. There are genetic factors such as copy number variance and single nucleotide polymorphisms in genes related to various neurotransmitters,voltage gated calcium channels and the immune system. There are neurochemical issues such as excecive dopamine activity (specifically D2R over activity) in the striatum, others say excess dopamine in the mesolimbic pathway and to little in the mesocortical pathway. prenatal infections are another. brain inflammation is another thing. There is also often an abnormally thin cortex and enlarged ventricles in schizophrenia patients. then there is drug use. And of course there are social/environmental factors such as being raised by people with sz and low economic status.

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I also suspect hyperactivity of 5-HT2a receptors is a factor as atypical AP’s are 5-HT2a antagonist. It is also interesting that hallucinogens such as LSD are powerful 5-HT2a agonists.

Another thing is if your parents don’t have it and you get it. Then it is not genetic, therefore we figured it out that it possible to not be genetic. I’m still trying to figure this out.

Well, another thing is if you are predisposed…why don’t you get sz earlier, even when your parents. Also why does it take to be like 19 years or even a 30 year old to get sz if you are predisposed genetically.

Genes do different things at different points in peoples lives.

I’d argue a lack of love can cause SZ.

I believe being predisposed is possible because kids get sz, because of their parents. Does anybody experience getting sz from you parents, because I saw a kid get sz on tv and her parents didn’t have sz?