Do you beleive sz is genetic

do you believe sz is genetic


Yes and environmental can trigger it but you need the gene too.


Yes 100%…!!! Thats why they are looking for culprit gene that causes Sz…!!!


I think it can run in families yeah

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It depends who the childs other parent is. If sz genes and non sz genes go together the child minght be healthy. Even if both parenrs have sz the child might still be healthy. Genes react. If the reaction is good genes might heal the sz.

Also, neither of my parents are sz. But people in my family are. I had the gene but I don’t think I was guaranteed sz. My environmental issues triggered the gene for me. My cousin who’s younger than me has sza and he’s never done drugs. My first cousin who’s dead now had sz. She never did drugs either. Also tons of my family has other mental illness including my father. I’m sure I had sz before I ever did drugs but drugs made it worse. There are a variety of factors and ingredients in this potion called sz/a.

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I believe it may run in the genes, but that not everyone gets it.


My mother, if not sz, was awfully close to it. She was paranoid and, later in life, had tardive dyskinesia that showed up esp when she knitted or played the piano. Nobody in my family understood or realized what her trouble was. If she’d gotten help and medication, she’d have spared us all a lot of grief. Not that she wasn’t a good mom to me, however. Did the best she could with what she had.

Yes, the illness is hereditary.

I think it plays a factor. In my case my mothers family has a lot of depression and alcoholism and I was low birth weight. I think if I hadn’t been low birth weight perhaps I wouldn’t be Sza or have many of the other health issues I have.

Problems during pregnancy often play a role.

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