Why do so many people here want to stop meds?

I see alot of posts saying that people want to ditch their meds. Why is that?

Having a psychotic illness is often times for life for most of us. The ratio is 80% needing lifelong therapy.

Advocating stopping meds on this forum should be banned. It’s dangerous and stupid.


Stopping aps is often done with a Dr’s approval. Why should the practice be banned from conversation? Just because it’s not always successful? While it may be dangerous for some, it’s an approach even doctors use. Just because you want to protect the sanctity of your own medical decisions, doesn’t mean you should be able to screen others.

I think people should be entitled to speak freely about their meds or lack thereof. We’re all just winging this regardless, aren’t we?


What of those who are med resistant, should they not be allowed to talk about their struggles?

Going without meds is a very real issue for sz. We’re known to quit. Not being allowed to discuss this issue doesn’t make the issue disappear, it just makes help harder to come by, because it wouldn’t be addressed at all.


Agree with fractaled, it should be allowed to be discussed.


yea i dont think anyone really hates meds for the principle of it. for me for example when they told me i have schizophrenia i was willing to take medication. Then they said it costs 1000 per month, i was able to find one that costs $50 per month now and so i tried them for a while but they have side effects like having low energy, etc. i think its the side effects that drive people to stop. overall its better to be on medication but its sort of a “out of the frying pan into the fire” kind of situation. Theres some sentiment of hope that life will be better without meds and then i think usually many people realize that bein on meds is better. it takes time to try both to realize that being on meds is better. just takes time to learn i guess. being on meds and being tired a lot of the time is not easy and is a struggle.

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Ok I see your point. I really hope people are doing this with the doctors supervision. Quitting meds can be dangerous for some!


Because for the most part, AP’s turn you into a fat zombie and people get fed up with it.


yeah it really does.

I’m a fat zombie! Beats being a lunatic!

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Depends on who you ask.

I’d rather be crazy than a fat zombie.


So you are unmedicated?

I guess that’s how it goes, I suppose.

You’re either fat and sane, or thin and crazy.

They need to develop weight neutral medication for schizophrenia.

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Isn’t ability, vraylar and rexulti weight neutral?

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I’m on Abilify injections and up 20lbs.

I take an AD and anxiety medication,

Not an AP.

It made me gain weight and lose my creativity.

It’s been about a year off APs and I’m just now feeling human again.


Ok! I’m on vraylar and olanzapine. I’ve gained a ton. I wish I could focus on something again. They say that these medications should increase cognition but they don’t. I feel amotivated or like a fat zombie.

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When I was on 10mg aripiprazole I gained 35 to 40kg… ■■■■ weight neutral

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But doesn’t that mean that you are in remission? Or are you experiencing symptoms?

I still have symptoms,

But they’re manageable.

I have my husband to keep me in check and make sure I don’t start acting weird or anything.

So far, so good.

And I’ve had a couple of traumas the past year,

Still didn’t need my AP.

I don’t know what “in remission” really means so I can’t answer that.

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When I was on Abilify I gained 35lbs and I swear it made me lose about 10-15% of my hair.

My pdoc denies it, but I know the Abilify did it.

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