Why do people quit the medicine?

Wondering why would some people quit the medicine

i know when i quit medicine i wasn’t really bothered by it but i did want to be normal again.


I think they get comfortable on medicine and then just start complaining about side effects, then go off it. There’s a brief honeymoon period where you feel less medicated but still okay, but then the symptoms come back.

I haven’t been delusional in years but I have to remind myself that I could easily become delusional again if I were to stop taking medicine.


what if the side effects are actually mistaken for the illness symptoms.

This could easily happen when somebody is deniyng the illness.

i know it happen to me.

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Well the medicine made me pace a lot until I lowered my dose, and pacing can also be a symptom of the illness, so you might have a point there. I think that’s the only symptom that I could get confused though.

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Honestly, I’ve gone off the meds in the past because I kind of liked the mania and adrenaline rush that being psychotic gave me. I LIKED when the “Dalai Lama” spoke to me and made me feel grandiose. I felt wonderful before the inevitable crash. Now I’m learning how to approach “normal”, which is often boring but I’m trying to accept it.


i saw on the board a few folks talk about being flat because of the medicine which can also be a symptom of the illness.

or lack of feeling “alive” which is actually either the illness or the lack of it.(mania)

or the delusional talk that the medicine is poisonous.

it’s not like the medicine side effects but more like the illness blaming the medicine for manny different things.

But damn . your doing good if the pacing is the only thing that might be bothering you.

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Honestly the biggest complaint I have with the Zyprexa is the three or four stretch marks I have around my belly button from gaining 20 pounds. I hate having to exercise more and eat less just because I take a pill, but I still take it.

Yeah @WhiteRaven being delusional is like being on a drug trip, it’s tempting in a way, and life becomes super boring once you snap out of it, but I adjusted and I will admit I am happy that I don’t have to go to mental hospitals anymore.

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i think that’s similar to an addiction to grandiosity and mania

It is kind of fun being psychotic but the insomnia is crap


They quit the medicine because they want to talk to themselves at the bus stop.

LOL! (kidding)

My reasons in the past were because I thought the medicine wasn’t doing anything. Going in and out of the nuthouse in my thirties made me realize otherwise.


My negative and cognitive symptoms are better on lower doses and off meds. Yes the disease can cause this but meds can worsen these symptoms because the meds lower dopamine. Thats what my psychiatrist told me.

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People can’t tolerate the side effects. Unfortunately.

Or they feel wonderful. Because the meds are working. So they quit thinking they are fine.

Or they rage quit.


I am half half, quitting the ap or not quitting it.

I’m just concerned that, what if I relapse, and things take a turn for the worse, eg., I become med resistant. Or need to be on a higher dose.

But if I quit…, I won’t need to be concerned about long term serious side effects from abilify. And plus, I will be able to jog properly again, plus, the zombie effect will completely disappear.


If I quit it will be under the supervision of a pdoc as they are skilled.

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I think people quit their meds because they hate being a fat zombie.


That cancels out lol

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People want to believe that they can get better and return to the life and person they were before their psychotic episodes.

I’m stuck in that trap at the moment and have lowered my dose to 3.75mg Olanzapine. And am hoping that I’ll be okay.

Also people do miss feeling alive like you said, life isn’t as pleasurable with less dopamine. It’s flattened.

But it’s a big risk that can end up backfiring and making life worse then it was before.

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I think that’s a big reason too.

But that doesn’t make sense since the medicine is making us healthy.

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With to much dopamine it’s still not normal but maniacal

With a normal range of dopamine is flatten because of the illness itself in most cases

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Yeah I think you’re right people do feel like they’re better because of the medication and begin to feel somewhat normal and then believe they’re recovered.

That’s probably where I’m at now. I really don’t want to relapse but I want to be better and get my old life back. Which puts me at risk of getting much worse! Also I think it’s just a refusal to accept that it’s a life long illness with out the prospect of recovery.

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That’s not the case, that’s what some doctors claim, but that’s delusional. They are harmful drugs, which have a host of negative effects due to their mechanism, which is completely expected to be disabling at an adequate dose.