Why do so many delusions involve religion

It just seems like a common theme for schizophrenia. I guess you can say because its real, but we should explore more plausible explanations to. Maybe there is some kind of envirement thing we were born into believing. But it does seem that religion is very common experience with schiziphrenics…

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Because the tactics used to teach religion are the same used in brainwashing. You’re indoctrinated and made to believe implausible things are real so the next logical step is to construct fantastic scenarios.


Also, shame and guilt is a very real thing in religions. People already suffer from shame and guilt as humans, so those feelings are amplified.


No, you are confusing. In schizophrenia grandiose thoughts are common. Schizophrenic thinks that they are god, and religion are after that.

I’ve had many religious delusions in the past. Fortunately I was able to figure out that they were all delusions. I started having them as a kid even before I was diagnosed with schizophrenia.


I don’t know, but I’m very thankful I saw through it all once I came into my own. Life is hard and confusing enough without it. To be psychotic and religious must be incredibly difficult.

I very seriously think that whatever part of the brain makes people inclined toward religion, does not function in me. It’s my favorite abnormality.

I wish there were more atheists here. It’s lonely.

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There’s more of us than you think. We just cannot talk about it. Part of the no religion rule is also no disparaging of it.

We suggest PMs for that type of discussion as long as it is with someone who welcomes the discussion.


It was recommended to me that I read the Bible, and at that time I was very much in the frame of mind where things were signs

As was my habit at the time, I simply opened the book and read the first thing I saw…

It said the only ones who will not be forgiven are the ones that turn away in the Holy Spirit.

That line has haunted me on and off ever since. The accident was a very spiritual experience for me, and then when I crashed it was horrible. I got turned around the wrong way, and spent all my time angry about insurance and wallowing in self-pity about my situation. There was also a lot of legitimate pain in there don’t get me wrong. There was a lot of pain and Trauma from childhood, and also the accident to be processed

Sometimes I feel like I have failed. Instead of becoming the whole, healthy human being, I am splintered and ill

I feel it’s my fault, despite the fact that I have no control over my neurological condition resulting from injury. Maybe I’m just disappointed in myself at how poorly I managed it

I’ve been an atheist my whole life and religion never worked its way into my psychosis. I always had alternative explanations for what was going on.

I’ve softened my views and now consider myself agnostic.

I had been suffering the delusion that I am the bloodline or a descendant of Mary, and I know why because of what someone mentioned, the shame and exlusion of being brought up in context of the church. You naturally drift outward toward something more inclusive. I am a woman, bisexual, feminist and I am spiritual but I cant be religious or be deluded by religion. I wouldn’t say this is grounded in delusion, my dreams and visions often reflect an accurate picture of how it was. Consciousness is a mystery right but maybe it should be discussed as a science thing but even scientists argue over science and modern facts all the time, thats the only way science ever improves just saying I believe in reincarnation its not unhealthy to me either because i have a moral compass and it has kept me alive.

There is a way to believe in something personal without having it delude you. I am reading a book about real figures in ancient times who were women and the writings that were left out of the Bible, spec. the ones about Mary Magdelene and it is comforting me because i do see the common thread of humans rising up to find a meaning in a dark and confusing world full of slavery, oppression, scapegoating, hatred and persecution.

But this is in a historical context not a spiritual one. a few books out there you can read about religion without being told how or what to believe, these people existed–this is how it was written–and things change over decades, books are rewritten and pages are torn out. Somehow Mary’s books have had pages torn out decade after decade and not many of the feminist writings about religion have survived this age, it makes me wonder what happened before that was suppressed.

Schizophrenia itself is isolating. So finding meaning with this illness seems to be common. Searching for meaning also when you are feeling better, but always searching and finding meanings in life. I will try not to add more to this topic, but I think its healthy to believe things but they should be based on reasons and at least have a purpose. I mean maybe i am an athiest because i do not want to believe that someone is in charge of my body or life, but i believe in destiny so not tech athiest. I am spiritual not religious. but religion itself is about people telling others this is how it is–i think that is ok if u want a community of like-minded folks just remember its still religion.

Usually you get delusional, about what you are into.

I really don’t understand the distinction between religion and spirituality. They’re the same fcking thing, only one allows you to make up rules as you go, and the other is more rigid in its construction. Both make no sense.

what about consciousness and spirit? You can talk about consciousness, what if to me consciousness equals spirit. But to a scientists his consciuosness is cloaked in a cloud. Mine is free.

I don’t believe in spirits, because there’s no evidence for them. Not even on my worst day of psychosis.

I refrain from talking about my experience because I have had ones. I have lost friends, prayed to them, I have had many confirmations. I cant see spirits. I mean physical manifestations. anyways, its supposed to be a mystery for a reason.

There. A mystery. Yet, every religion and spirituality claims to have all the answers.

I don’t know, because I can’t know. That’s where I settle. I think everyone who claims to know is full of sht, and is not as mysterious as they’d like.

My name is not Mary. It is Gabrielle. So I do have hyper-sensitive awareness and I am good at soaking up information however, I would not say something just to say it and Im not saying it to be delusional. I have had manic delusions and stuff unmedicated but it was completely different. I dont know all the answers and I think that certain stuff people can’t handle either and if I were to show or be able to convince them would be terrified even if it was true its like a block on people…like a darkness in people that makes them unable to see it or even want to. Humans have been around for awhile. There is nothing to fear in the unknown until you know whats unknowable.

and spiritual or supernatural experiences whatever happens, even if u paid it no mind…its hard to erase the experience or re-learn or un-learn certain experiences. Is it better to pretend it never happened like what if I somehow randomly jumped into a pool and then woke up in another room. Maybe the mind fills in the gaps but I have had some weird experiences

I have have been witness to things that defy the laws of physics. and I have manifested things that defy all logic or reason.

Idk God gave me sz its why I have religious delusions maybe.

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I’m not saying your experiences aren’t valid, I’m saying they aren’t divine. I’m saying they’re a product of your mind, where everything is created. If you see spirits or God, I believe you. But I don’t believe they exist outside of your mind. I do believe you could convince someone else they do, and they can in turn create them in their mind, and you can see how this gets out of hand real fast, and how everyone is different in their opinion of God, because their own minds created them.

Yours isn’t an original position. I know you believe what your experience has lead you to believe. That’s why I’m skeptical.

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