Religion and Conciousness

Anyone find any type of religion helps with their schizophrenia? I notice delusions about Jesus provided temporally relief from Apathy. I even had stories told through my psychosis about Christianity to a great degree. I was even thinking of going to a church just for fun to compare experiences and see what the locals experience on a daily basis with their religion in their life.

A Schizophrenics programming can be stuffed around by the condition so I doubt even I did convert to such a thing I could hang on to such a belief when space is so infinite and big. I honestly admit the evidence abilities of healing are obviously something to be discussed since a lot of is recorded on video and I’ve even seen someone restore someones hearing in a church.

However we’re still trying to comprehend our consciousness and how it works. I see in spirituality they tend to have taken on the belief of a parallel reality karma of being schizophrenic where as the mashed up theory on other forum says an AI Super Intelligence affected us thousands of years ago.

I notice also the schizophrenic mind is able to build all kinds of tools that come and go. Anyone experience this? Like I put my hand near some peoples forehead and it makes them feel relaxed. Some people doesn’t work at all. Two people it made them high.

We have no idea what we could be truly capable of. Do you think our minds are trying to fight against something extremely advanced inside of us too?

I am interested in hearing what you think and your experiences too!

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It seems like a fun idea to explore superpowers and to pursue them, but it’s a dangerous path. Your self-worth and contentment come from being grounded within yourself and connected to people at a human level. Pursuing special powers comes at a cost.

Religion helps, once all sorted with meds, means come back to normalcy with meds.

I feel religion is meant for the people who cannot sustain reality.
It a coverup for facts we cannot accept.
And live a “happy” life.

In my opinion or current understanding.

The religous aspect of my delusions made my health worse. I’m much better without any sort of religion in my life.

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I consider myself agnostic. I’ve not at all religious. I never had any religious thoughts or delusions when I was psychotic.

Consciousness evolved as our brains evolved. As we continue to evolve into the distant future our consciousness will evolve along with it. If the species survives, and we will probably be a different species at that time, I suspect in a million years our life experience and thoughts about things like this will be much different because our minds will be much different.

Consciousness is a cool subject, but because it will evolve and change over time as the species evolves our understanding of it will always be limited by the current biology of our brain. If we were to evolve a new part of the brain in 300,000 years it could open up a whole new understanding of consciousness that we are completely unaware of right now.

Like the human eye only sees about 1% of the em spectrum (called the visual spectrum), that means we don’t see 99% of what is going on around us. I think it is the same thing with our brain, we only perceive what it is currently capable of, but in a million years our brains will have evolved and we will likely have a different perspective on consciousness, and then that will probably change a million years after that, etc… It might be a never ending story.

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That’s an awesome response there. You must study this stuff too like me!

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Yeah it will always go downhill they can’t straighten you voices/delusions out with meds.

I find that the meds only do so much and I need to find a way to clear away the rest of the crap. I have to avoid stuff that I know will trigger me or I make myself much, much worse.

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Religion is fascinating, but, generally speaking, the religious delusions sucked.

Wondering if I had been Jesus, put me off Christianity entirely.

In psychosis, I had an aversion to Judaism, found the Bible deeply disturbing, and was drawn to the Qu’ran, but didn’t convert.

I also decided that Hinduism was morally repugnant, and became put-off by Zoroastrianism.

Some of the American Founders went to churches, for fun. They liked listening to the different sermons, sampling the different denominations, trying to see which preachers were the best in their craft. I have thought that this could be interesting to do myself, but haven’t tried it.

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When I discovered the Bahai Faith, I found it a welcome relief from the Christian beat. But Christianity had also served me well as far as it went.

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I don’t have religious delusions anymore since I am on meds. No positive symptoms at all.

You should be a the.

I find it distasteful that so many people sz sza or not see religion as an easy whipping boy, as if it’s the one last thing that’s still PC to make fun of. I see it all the time in conversation, in the media, just all over the place. NOW don’t get me wrong, I am entirely committed to the belief that anyone should be able to believe, disbelieve or be apathetic about any system. I just don’t understand why people seem so ready to hammer down religion. So if that does/doesn’t apply to you, please have a happy day. I hope I didn’t put this in a way that’s offensive, I have a bad time putting ideas into words sometimes.

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I agree. I’m an agnostic but I too get really annoyed when someone bashes another person for having religion. I don’t see why people can’t just accept others beliefs and leave it at that rather than hammering a person for what they believe in.

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I should note, that religious delusions are another thing entirely however. Thinking you’re God or have supernatural abilities granted by God or something similar, generally would fall into the realm of religious delusions IMO.

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I’ve seen it go both ways, I’ve told religious people I’m agnostic and they give me a dirty look, or make a comment or try to convert me, not all but a few. I think everyone is entitled to their beliefs and shouldn’t be attacked for them. There is a lot of stuff found in religion that I agree with but not everything, and I see no proof there is or isn’t a God, so that is why I am agnostic. But I don’t attack religious people.


Live and let live. There is good and bad in religion just like anything else.