Why do so many delusions involve religion

idk i think people should just accept what others believe unless its really making them suffer or its an obv delusion you could call people who go to church all delusional too because of that…and there are some people that take it too far, like next level, I have talked three born again christains recently trying to convert me to their thinking, and I realized them somehow knowing I have an alter and burn sage etc. and then demonizing it is about oppression and them telling me that the necklace i wear is demonic is him trying to take my power from me and I blocked ties to this person entirely because on one hand he’s channeling the spirit of his dead mother and then telling me I cant burn incense because Im a woman.

@fractaled interesting, I have had that thought lately. How I am a product of my consciousness basically. Of my mind not the cause of my mind. So i can sort of see what you mean…but anyways Im working on not being delusional and just being myself right now.

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And with that, this shall be closed. Sorry, but I can get in trouble if I let this go on longer.

Suffice to say, religion can lend itself to a lot of delusions and it is common.