Why Do Mental Health services treat me like a baby?

They don’t let me cancel appointments even when I give them strict instructions to do so.

This today has resulted in me not being a nice person to the pdoc, as he was not welcome to call me at 12:30pm, as I cancelled the appointment.

I was very cross with him. He is trying to insinuate that I am suicidal and he is being deviant.

Have now left a message for my lead practitioner to call me as I am not impressed.

They never let me discharge myself

It’s so frustrating. I am sick of dealing with these people.


Did you ever quit meds before?
Were you suicidal or violent in the past?

I have quit meds cold turkey and relapsed roughly 5 or 6 times due to side effects.

Each time I was put in the hospital. I have however not been sent to hospital for two years now

This time I am tapering albeit very quickly.

I overdosed on Zopiclone in March and ended up in A&E (ER)

The main concern for them has been in the past that when I get command hallucinations, I listen to them and do what they ask

You ARE suicidal right now. It is a good thing your doctor recognizes this and is trying to save your life.


You’ll relapse again, I quit meds twice after being stable for 9 years, I ended up nearly killing someone and nearly killing myself. My parents called the cops and 4 cops picked me up from inside my room and brought me to mental hospital.

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Quitting fast is a sure ride to hospital. Plus, dont withdraw further when you are unstable. First stabilize.

If you are even partly suicidal, it is only caring they are watching over you.

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I disagree. My plan is not close enough for anyone to have concerns at this stage

If I relapse during my medication reducing then it will be an issue . This is an unknown quantity at the moment, and there is a process underway right now that may lead to suicide, but we’re not there yet.

The med reductions are going ok at the moment. I think it’s 50/50, which I don’t think is enough to warrant any immediate concerns

That’s why I am violent when unmedicated and will never quit meds again.

You will never get me inside a mental hospital again for as long as I live.

You might end up dead or in prison, its worse.

I am confident that this will not happen. I have just told the doctor that I reject the diagnosis of Autism and Schizophrenia.

Be careful if you are going to quit. When I did that in the past I wasn’t able to see when I had relapsed before it was too late. It sneaks up on you and you start contemplating that it is the transition going back to normality. Don’t give yourself the benefit of the doubt if you feel something unpleasant or disturbing.

I think the caution here is not warranted, as if they thought things were in a bad place, I would not be on this forum right now possessing my freedom

Why dont you accept the fact that you NEED Anti-Psychotics? Sorry fella - but its a bit of a pattern with you. You quitting your meds is just screwing you up - an im sorry but your lacking insight on this.

Take your bloody pills.


You are self destructive. This is a pattern with you.

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To be fair you have been expressing yourself on the forum in a way that indicates self destructiveness .


we got no other choice we have to take the medication.

i tried to stop taking medication the end outcome wasnt good

I recognise this is something that I struggle with, but I am tapering not going cold turkey. Is this not progress?

I have not stopped.

The issue I have is that I have been left on acute doses of AP’s for 7 years now, and I have grown tired of it all, and it really grates on me.

I want this to work so badly, but I will concede that a small dose may be required.

I reiterate no one is knocking my door down right now, and mental health team know exactly what is going on as of today

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