Why Do Mental Health services treat me like a baby?

Killing yourself slowly and killing yourself quickly still have the same result.

What kind of things do they ask you to do.

I used to be the same.

Idk if I’d still do as they ask. If I relapsed.

This is very true, but we’re not yet at a stage where the nuclear option would get implemented

Sorry mate - But Suck it UP. Some of us are on high doses of meds - but we stick with it cos we know it KEEPS US WELL.

I wish you all the best - but you pissing about with your medication all the time will never end well mate x

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I have only reduced the AP by 25%. I think that is ok. I know the psychiatrist will want to go at a snails pace, as to get down from 30mg of Diazepam to 10mg took me months.

I fundamentally lack this kind of patience

I feel I won’t know if things will be ok unless I try.

I don’t want to be coming across as argumentative, but I have strong feelings about this

It has been a ticking time bomb for sometime this approach. I am at least trying to be measured in my approach, as before I knew the risks I used to go cold turkey

Dude. You’ve been down this road before. You already know you just don’t like the answer.

Absolutely no one likes the way they feel on meds. They suck. But it’s worth it because they keep us out of the hospital and at least marginally safer than we are without them.

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They used to have me being chased all over the place, and were trying to get me to escape dangerous people that I know now were hallucinations as magic is not real, and these people were manipulating the environment of our reality

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I know that, but this time I am not doing it cold turkey. I am doing it to my schedule not that of a doctor.

If I feel much more like ■■■■ I will simply put the dose back up marginally until I find the sweet spot.

Could be 600mg, 500mg or 0mg.

@ninjastar can you close this thread if ok?

I don’t mean to start disagreements

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Benzos should always be tapered down very slowly because the withdrawal symptoms are so extreme. Antipsychotics can be tapered down faster but it should always be done under regular medical supervision and the slower it is done the less likely you are to trigger a relapse.