Discontinuation of meds advice

My mental health team have let me down (again)

Anyone know of decent sources online to come off meds safely?

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How did your mental health team let you down? What happened?

I apologize if you already said, I just have a bad memory

They apparently don’t have the resources to monitor my medications as my doctor put it he has hundreds of patients

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Maybe if they looked after their current patients properly - they wouldnt have an influx of calls when they inevitably phone up in a crisis.

Im on the flaming warpath with mine.

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I won’t tell you what I just called the CPN and the wider team

Probably a filter here would render my response useless!

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Haha. No dont worry buddy - I can quite believe it without the swear words!

Don’t discontinue your meds. That’s just cutting off your nose to spite your face!


So they normally have someone come to give you your meds?

I use Medisafe, which is an app that reminds me when to take my meds. I have a reminder for both am and pm. I used to additionally have afternoon med reminders too.

How would anyone in their right mind take these powerful substances with no oversight?

Can’t you just find a different pdoc??

I only talk to my psychiatrist for about 5 minutes over the phone every 6 months.

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They have let my mother do it

She messes up though and I have a massive bag of meds back home that I will not hesitate to OD on

This ■■■■ has got to end one way or another

Don’t kill yourself over it. Can you get a new pdoc?


I get some disability money that I wanted to spend on private care but I can’t do that whilst I am under state medically

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Ok. I see. I’m not sure what to say, except that I think should ask your mom to help you get this sorted out

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There is no way to safely stop meds as you will likely relapse back into psychosis and be worse than now even homeless. Your choice.

I don’t understand why you want to stop meds. Side effects? Which ones?

If its your job stressing you stop working and go on disability. Your health is more important than more money.

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If you do discontinue meds then it is necessary to taper down slowly over months and even up to a year depending how long you have been on them.

Abruptly stopping causes inevitable psychosis as the dopamine overloads the brain when it is not used to having any.

I’ve read the general advice for coming off psych meds is to reduce your dose by 10% of your previous dose every 4 weeks. To emphasize you don’t reduce by 10% of your original dose every 4 weeks, but reduce by 10% of the dose you are currently on during your taper. Eventually you’ll get down to a very tiny amount of medication and that is when you make the jump to zero.

However, since everyone is different you can play around with this a little bit. Some people may be able to go faster and reduce by 15% every 3 weeks, while others have to go slower and reduce by 5% every 5 weeks. You’ll have to play around with it and see how you react to your reductions.

This is the basic advice I followed when i quit clonazepam and olanzapine, I still had withdrawal effects but they would have been much worse if I had quit cold turkey. I did quit a psych med cold turkey once before, an antidepressant called Effexor and I had 3 months of awful withdrawals. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to quitting psych meds (In my experience).

I bought a jewellers scale from Amazon that goes down to 0.0001 grams and weighed out my medication when I was quitting clonazepam. There is also something called a liquid taper but it seems more complicated and I haven’t tried that myself.

The taper method I mentioned above is the best advice I’ve read for avoiding serious withdrawal effects when quitting a psych med. However once you quit your medication it is possible your depression, anxiety, psychosis or whatever problems you are having could come back.