Why cant i play video games or watch movies?

Hi guys,

I would love to play more video games and watch movies and series but i cant. I dont know if its a lack of concentration or if i have lost interest. I still want to so perhaps its just motivation.

Has anyone had this symptom and what was the cause and solution?


I don’t know the solution? Pre-sz I could play for hours. Now I have to force myself. The same goes for watching movies and reading. It’s really hard, it’s like I can’t get absorbed by things. My ability to focus sucks.

These days I just lie on the couch and mindlessly browse things online. Then I rest.

Do you drink coffee? It could help.


Evian’s I’ve lost interest in movies long ago so I watch you Tube instead and I really don’t like playing video games anymore.
Maybe some physically exercise would improve some of those abilities.

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I watch tv, I read books etc.
No problem

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I have got back into gaming recently

Stopped for about 8 years as I had this problem

Now it’s ok


Thats the keyword, absorbed. I also dont get pulled into things like i used to.

Coffee tends to work but the side effects in anxiety and upset stomach make it unbearable.

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I will try to e exercise more. The combination of exercising a few times in the week and drinking coffee seems to make the symptoms much better, but the side effects of the caffeine for me are a deterrent

Evian I couldn’t agree more. I started to walk 2 us miles one week ago and I already feel much better.

I can’t read or watch movies/TV as much as I used to because of anxiety and some low-level depression (which causes more disinterest). Books are deliberately full of conflict and tension to keep readers hooked. Movies do the same thing to the viewers. Also, I think at some point I got tired of watching other people live their lives, and now I want to have more of a life. I’m trying to figure out how to do this.

I have the same types of problems. I’m sorry. I don’t have the solutions. I don’t know why we get this way but it happens unfortunately.

Its called negative symptoms mate. This topic crops up a lot over the years on here.

One of the criteria for Sz, can be “lack of enjoyment”. Or as they call it, flat response.

Benzo’s help - as does a drink or two.

The amount of cash i have spent chasing it, is shocking - you tend to do a bit too much retail therapy, thinking it will make you feel better.

Some times, you just gotta lump it, im afraid.

I actually want to do these things, I just can’t or rather I want to but I don’t like or enjoy during the process… I might just have to live with it.

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I don’t play.

I feel trapped in a video game or tv show

try some reality testing, to get out

Funnily enough i know what you mean mate. Seems like a “bit of a chore” to enjoy yourself, doesnt it?

There’s no way out.
The more you try,
the deeper you get

I had this when SZ first hit me. I decided that I was going to do things I enjoyed again like watching TV and playing games and reading books. I set small goals like reading a few paragraphs. And then a few pages. And then a chapter. With games I’d play for give minutes. And then ten. And so on.

I got it back by pushing myself, but it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t pushed. Recovery is something you have to chase, not something that comes to you.

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Im gonna get all psychological here. But let it flow over your head. Accept the things you cannot change. And sometimes, like in relationships, the moment you “stop trying too hard” , The magic usually happens.

Have Faith in yourself.


“Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle.”

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I have difficulty doing my old hobbies. Some I have just accepted it’s not the proper time to pursue, like painting. Others I have been struggling with and I think I am making some headway. I still don’t like to watch a movie, unless it is a non-comedy that is playing on tv with commercials. That I can do sometimes or I’ll have it on in the background and watch scenes from in the kitchen. I am getting better at watching documentaries. I don’t play much video games in general but I get the feeling of a hobby being a chore. I am trying to find new hobbies currently.

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