How can I concentrate and watch a movie or do something?

Hello! I’ve noticed that I often waste my time doing nothing and I just can’t concentrate on anything. I have plenty of goals for 2021 but I often fail to complete them because I’m just not enough consistent and motivated. I know I can learn some english or maybe work but I could also easily spend the entire day doing absolutely nothing. I can’t say that I am a lot depressed but I definitely have certain thoughts which make me feel anxious. I feel worried what others may say and I hate getting asked different questions about what I do. I live with my parents and I just hate when they start telling me what I should do. I’m just tired of getting advice. I want to be more independant but it never happens.


What medication do you take? Is this something you can discuss with your dr?

I have the same issue, I struggle to watch movies/films for longer than 10 minutes. I actually stop myself sleeping just to focus on studying because sometimes that is the only way to stay calm and not anxious.

You need focusyn (or perhaps not!) :rofl:

I have the same problem I can’t concentrate on anything. I used to love watching movies and reading books, but now I can’t do that. They only thing I can do is talk to my family and lay down.


Well have movies always interested you? Because if not trying to force yourself to do something you never enjoyed won’t work.

What kind of interests do you have and I mean your own and not anyone else’s?


i’m happy i can still watch movies… reading a book is impossible though… but i can watch movies over and over again cause my memory is messed up

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I realized, that I will never ever be able to concentrate on something anymore. Even on short YouTube Videos, like five or ten minutes, it’s hard for myself to understand anything.

The voices and delusions do the rest to keep me away from being active in something.

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Thats what I do, vaping and listening to music in bed 80-90% of my time.

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Are you taking medications? If so, how long have you been on them

I was pretty bad with negatives - can understand definitely about not being able to concentrate on stuff - I couldn’t concentrate on reading and watching movies too

I’ve been on Olanzapine 20mg for three years - things have improved a lot - I can now read books or watch travel related videos on Youtube (I recently watched a 2hr long video on New York City)

I think you should be patient

Yes, it really sucks, the worst part is that I can’t sleep either.


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