I cant stay interested in movies

Anyone have this problem?


Lately I can’t switch off my brain to watch much at all.

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Yes. I suggest you watch one you’ve seen before and liked or watch one recommended by a loved one. That gives me more reason to be interested.


im with ya on this one. i usually just play the tv for backround noise and dont really end up watching it, just playing on my phone or computer researching things, reading, etc. cant follow a movie anymore and that was all i used to do was watch movies since i was a kid. Strange feeling now not being able to


Yep can’t follow them not interested. Pretend to enjoy them for my hubby. I enjoy being able to shut my mind down by staring at a screen watching scenery / zone out… with the house shut down no kids voices and a foot rub!! Lol Sometimes we watch big bang theroy lately it’s easier to like


i get it, i usually have the tv on mute since the noise just causes too much stress.


Yes for several years I could not concentrate on movies or books. But when I got better I didn’t miss much when I watched the movies years later.

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I seem to be able to get into them more early in the morning. Don’t enjoy them like I did before sz. It’s hard for a movie or much else to get your senses going like when you are phsycotic. I don’t get to excited to the extent that I used to, about intertainment.

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i don’t even try anymore.


It depends on the day and how distracting my delusion is. sometimes it’s impossible and other times I can really enjoy it. When I do manage to get into a movie, it’s a treat because my delusion goes away for awhile.

I have that problem with books it’s difficult cos whatever I read I forget it’s frustrating I have too much in my mind to focus