Think I might give up on tv/movies

I just can’t concentrate. Not even for 2 minutes.

I keep trying to force myself to watch it but this keeping banging my head against the wall is upsetting me


I’ve never fully understood this.

Do you get bored with the programming or do you get distracted?

Just trying to understand.

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I get bored and distracted. Is like there is an internal pressure to change the channel to see if I can find something else that might capture my attention.

But I never do. Is kinda disheartening paying for streaming services I can’t enjoy ya know.

Plus movies used to be my number one hobbie and I feel sad I can’t get pleasure from that anymore.

Tbh I am not at all convinced this is all down to illness. In fact I think it is just getting older and my person has naturally changed.

I have decided I certainly don’t want a med change or anything. Might just stick with music


I know what you are saying. I do the same thing. I haven’t done it in awhile though.


I’m sorry you are losing an old hobby. But maybe you can branch out, trying to find new hobbies?

Sorry J. I hope you can find new interests.


I feel like it could be the illness, could be you just changing your interests like you said.

I can watch movies and shows,

But I’ve noticed I’m much more picky about what I’m willing to sit through.

Won’t just watch an average anything.

I used to get sucked into shows, even bad shows, so easily.

Now I’m different.

Could be like that.

I’d cancel the streaming services and see how you do.

You’ll save some money so, win-win.


It’s the same for me. I have trouble concentrating on TV shows and movies and they don’t really interest me anymore. I just don’t think they’re that great. I can’t concentrate on music either.


Sorry man. That must suck. I grateful I still love my music


I know what you mean, the only difference with me is that I was never that into movies or tv anyway and so I have been doing other things to keep me engaged,

I like chatting to friends and doing my radio shows, editing things on canva among other things, being useful and the feeling that I am doing something good is a massive draw.

TV is a solitary pursuit and tbh it’s a bit self-indulgent imo, it’s no big loss for me.

Try and not sweat about it, maybe it’s an opportunity to do something new and interesting :slight_smile:


I can’t watch TV without doing something else simultaneously. Like knitting, doodling, shuffling cards, or fiddling with my phone.

If I have to focus on absolutely nothing else than what I’m watching, with nothing else to channel my energy into, ai space out after a few minutes or feel so bored it starts to hurt


I watch shows in bits. I dont remember the last time i sat through a whole movie

I cant really play video games anymore. Desire is there but just cant get started on it


I don’t have the concentration needed to watch a movie or even a TV show. My husband watches both with me in the room but I get too spacey to follow any stories. It’s just a factor of how my illness manifests.

I do have a few hour long documentaries saved on YouTube playlists, but even those, I have to watch in pieces. I will forget what I saw in the first few minutes if I try to watch the whole thing at once. Too overwhelming.

I like to read, but have to take breaks after every chapter. That’s what I do to occupy most of my time at home.


@Jimbob i have been this way in the past. I couldn’t sit 5 minutes into a tv show or movie.

I think partly the problem is browsing. Like we are spoilt for choice. And still to this day half the time I spend on Netflix is browsing.

It took practising concentration for me. It became easier over time.

I know the feeling of no pleasure. I’ve had it too in the past. Maybe try a anti depressant ?


This is me too. I can go to a movie in the movie theater and not be able to watch the movie. It’s been like that before, but it’s gotten worse. It stinks. Never used to be like that.


I thought maybe I couldn’t concentrate on TV because I had watched too much as a child.
I also thought maybe I was ignoring it on purpose because I am unable to face Reality.
I could read better than watch TV.


I used to have this problem. I still don’t watch much TV, but it has improved in time. Not sure if my brain has made adjustments/changed on its own in that time or if it was the effort I put in to trying to watch. But it has improved for me. I usually watch something on the weekend, but that’s about it.

Sorry you have lost a hobby @Jimbob .


I understand this topic well. I sometimes do an insane amount of pausing movies if I am in a depression.

No problems if my mood is good but otherwise it can take two days to get through a movie.

Hope you can eventually enjoy TV again J.


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Give youtube videos a try! I don´t watch tv/movies either…


I have the same, i used to watch everything but now i need stuff with substance and meaning.
I went from reading and watching super hero movies to philosophy and science.
But there are alot of books and entertainment that incorporate that in their stories so that’s cool.

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I am so sorry jimbob…I keep trying to read more so that I can concentrate longer…maybe read a book? I only can read 4 pages at a setting , but it get’s done eventually…baby steps, dude.

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