Why are all of the hot people taken? Bisexuals have it the worst!

So I went on a date with a really independent and spunky girl today. I even told her about my diagnosis and recovery and stuff and it was good, she thought it was interesting and asked me more about it. Shes going to Bonnaroo music festival and wont be back for about a week, which sucks but she gave me a really tight hug and it seemed alright.

Then I went to a party at a video store where everyone was stoned or drunk and this one 18 year old girl who was SO MY TYPE went on about how she got freaked out when a guy she was dating for two weeks french kissed her and how she is a virgin. When I asked her for her phone number she went on about “well I just met you” and said she was into someone and “no offense” like 8 times. NOPE

then this obviously gay, really adorable guy was there and I talked to him and smoked a cigarette with him for a bit but when I told him I thought he was cute and asked him if he wanted to hangout he said he was already with someone or some â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  like that but said to add him on facebook.

Im gonna pry him out of his relationship and take his cute ass as my property.

But yeah, being bi sucks, everyone my type is taken. And I want a lot of people I see. It sucks.


God bless your sexual appetite, I must be more careful about my ass when talking to you;)


That’s hard, isn’t it?

But at your age, alot of people look attractive. You are not shy and seem to be talking to several people at once. But you’ll eventually find someone special. You are young and I think that’s what many people go through, whether your are straight, bi or whatever.

I’m 35, still single, and am thinking of confessing love to this guy I’ve been interested in for over a year. He’s single as well, but unlike you, I’m shy. Funny, isn’t it?


All for you man. You got to be a middle man, the girls/guys who just come to you to â– â– â– â– , and not deal with a relationship. Ex: high school group of 10 girls who are friends with eachother banging them all when their in relationships etc. just come to you for the sex.

Shouldn’t you concentrate on the pool of people not in relationships instead of wanting to break one up ?


I understand your young and just looking for some fun. Great… go for it… You’re 21 in 4 days… go be free. If you are looking for an actual relationship… Just if…

I was sort of thinking this odd thought… In my experience with exploring my sexuality…

it really doesn’t matter what orientation someone is…

Just from what I have found… many people who are looking for an actual relationship… don’t seem to enjoy being treated like or referred to as property. Actually I can’t think of anyone who likes being called property. Pondering…

If you are going to work to destroy a relationship… do you want to at least see if you like the person emotionally… and see if there is more too this person then just a cute ass?

If I’m over thinking that… sorry.


I cant help it…yes I think psychological and emotional compatibility plays a huge part but Its looks that get me interested in people in the first place. I just talk in a very blunt douche bag manner, I spend my time around powerlifters and my friends who are all from high school and college who talk the same way.

I could have phrased it as “I think I am a better man than his current partner and will do my best to let him know” but no, I said [quote=“SurprisedJ, post:6, topic:6893”]
Im gonna pry him out of his relationship and take his cute ass as my property.

One of my old friends from high school refers to someone having a boyfriend or girlfriend as a “speed bump” and not a “road block”

Its pretty common for people to leave relationships for someone else, and sometimes I wanna be that someone else. And besides he said he was “into” someone or some ■■■■, not like living with and in a long term relationship with someone. He was really stoned, dressed to impress and at a party WITHOUT a partner accompanying him so I take that as not really taken.

@mortimermouse In all honesty, when I was married, my wife’s ex boyfriend decided to step in and get in the way of our marriage. She, my wife at the time, was not an innocent bystander, she was just as guilty as the ex boyfriend, but this affair lead to a very intense and heart breaking divorce - the experience sent me to psychosis land. Before deciding to step in and interfere with someone elses relationship just for a piece of ass or a one night stand, just think of the potential damage. Have fun, sure - but try to be moral about it - I know you have a conscience underneath all that muscle


I never ever ever met someone in the ways mentioned here, so I really wouldn’t know…
Are all the attractive ones taken? No, of course not. If you are referring to physical attraction/looks only…no they are not all taken. I would probably not be interested in 99.7% of girls I thought physically attractive once I got to know them personally though, as far as a romantic relationship.

(Hold on…break…sync emails from someone attractive LOL) <-- I shouldn’t just say attractive…very should be applied…independent and spunky also

Ok, where was I?

I met my late wife online and started to have feelings for her before I even saw a picture of her, same with another…

I have seriously never asked someone for a phone # or a date in 3D, ever. I had a girl give me her # once after I helped tow her car out of the mud but never called her because I found out she was married…
With the exception of my very first girlfriend who I met through a dream, I have always been friends with someone first, whether for weeks months, or in one case 3 years before it ended up in a relationship.
I also do not seek casual sex encounters…not even interested in playing that game, and never really have been. Had a couple when I was around your age, 20 - 21 and left emotionally unfulfilled… and I always seek the emotional, heart, mind, soul connection as being first before anything…the sexual aspect would be part of an already established deep connection, and so much better that way.

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I see. Well this guy was dressed provocatively and was with some girl who drove him there, no partner in sight, so I got my hopes up and Im stubborn as ■■■■. Ive been with people who were in relationships before, I have some problems with realizing what is right and what is wrong…sex and foreplay feels right. Thats the bottom line for me. I do however avoid being a “home-wrecker” and breaking up people who are in serious relationships who live together. I keep it casual with them and dont let them get emotionally attached to me, I tell them that they’re “taken” if they say they have feelings for me.

I dunno, I have some slight psychopathic traits, I dont really feel guilt easily. I more see my desires as priorities. If I see someone who looks appealing, my brain makes me talk to them and ask them for their phone number, unless they come off with a bitchy attitude or are obviously immature or just 18, those kids are too young, im almost 21 and I can tell you that each year after 18 means a world of difference in maturity.

I have outlets for my tendencies, powerlifting is great, go look in the creativity section to see videos of me training, that â– â– â– â–  keeps me sane. Everyone there is there to get stronger and encourages me to get stronger. Thats a need for me. Its better than sex to lift 500lbs six times and just do â– â– â– â–  and not hold back and show no mercy on myself, lift until I shart and then keep lifting.

But when I date people who are single, I am practically chivalric and courteous and respectful, I try to make a relationship instead of just sex buddies. But when I see someone alone sitting there looking adorable at a party, I just immediately talk to them and try to get their interest and phone number, or just go strait to hooking up.

Im mature in other ways than sexually, I was frustrated as a kid and teenager and confused at various times, now I am well experienced in sex but still feel like I am entitled to it. At least I know what I am doing, even if it is wrong. I just cant help but not care if it’s slightly amoral, if someone isnt married/engaged theyre fair game in my book.

And my hormones and testosterone are working overtime, I will be 21 on Wednesday and I am training like a mad man. Men are hard-wired to have sex with as many women as possible, and being bisexual also adds less masculine men to the picture, so I just cant help but want to have sex with really attractive people.

…I just cant help but to want to have sex with really attractive people…I think that makes sense given the other factors about me, the powerlifting and young age and slight psychopathic traits, my doctor says that I seek thrills and dont learn from mistakes as easily as other people but am not a true psychopath because true psychopaths never learn and never admit to faults and are constantly getting into serious trouble, committing crimes left and right. I just feel cool with someone cheating on their partner and seek intense activities like powerlifting today and martial arts when I was in high school.

I feel bad for your story about being cheated on, but psychosis is genetic and most people dont become psychotic from trauma, it requires a genetic disposition and sometimes a trigger. But yes, I do use caution with people who are in relationships, but I dont â– â– â– â–  with married/engaged people, I just be polite to them and not pursue them at all. I do respect marriage.

I dunno, Im ranting at this point. I respect marriage and practically married people, but if they are down and I am down, it happens and I dont think twice. At least I am aware of it and can say “its slightly amoral” but hey how many 19-22 year olds in college are gonna marry their boyfriend anyways?

The worst? I beg to differ. Being gay is OK. Being heterosexual is OK. But bisexual people are just plain greedy. Lol. They want the best of both worlds!

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thats what everyone says…nah we’re just a bunch of people who appreciate beauty. Being bi gets a lot of people calling you gay when youre not actually gay, and people say that we’re confused. I mean yeah im half gay half straight in a way, but I dont go from one to the other, I just see a beautiful person and my mind is sexually attracted to them, I dont just acknowledge that they look good.

Like how girls discriminate other girls based on their looks, they can recognize if someone of the same sex is attractive. I on the other hand go beyond that and my mind goes to having sex with them. But Im a top so I like men less manly than I am- boyish men. Not manly men.

Ok I sort of sometimes see a manly guy who is on the young, not much bigger than me and not hairy side and I think about pleasing them sometimes, but not all of the time. But there are few people who make me think that when I look at them. Like very very few.

There is someone out there that is available. I know you’ve said that you’ve used dating sites before, and I know that sometimes they are a crap shoot. Try again!

I met my soon to be husband on Craigslist of all places. Lol.

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I met a sex buddy on craigslist. She was good until she got a little overweight and I ditched her for a gay. Gay guy was really really fine.

Wowzers. You’re an awfully picky schizophrenic. Lol


I have to admit this @mortimermouse A while back I did have an affair with a married woman - it was purely physical. Her husband was abusive and they were living together but separated if this makes sense. I know it was wrong, I was a lot younger than I am now - but this was before what happened to me with my wife cheating on me. I learned my lesson since, but we are only human and sometimes we do not put the pieces together. I was manic and impulsive at the time, but still no excuses - I apologize for being a bit hypocritical

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I am picky…I justify it with being a badass.

No disney princess types
No country girls
No drag queens
No fat people
No ugly faces
No diseases
No men manlier than I am
No â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– 
No stupid people
No losers
No zealous religious people

Mulan was a pretty bad ass disney princess.


I like the Peoples Court.