How many of you are gay or bi?

Just wondering. I’m bi and I wonder if any of you feel like you have more problems in the social world than other schizophrenics because of your sexual orientation. It was hard enough being accepted by some people when they found out I was bi before I got sick, but it’s even harder for me now that I am schizophrenic. Do you feel the same way?


This is a hard ponder…

My parent’s were very supportive of my older cousins who came out as Bi or gay… so when I grew and told them I’m attracted to men and women… they were supportive of me.

When I was at my worst… I was asexual… to ill to even think about sex… or even talking to other people…

When I hit a hypersexual manic spike… then I was indiscrete with almost everyone that I knew.

I also think it depends on where you live… My extended family lives in a small town that’s more about farming and guns then anything else… they have a very hard time accepting anything.

My parents are teachers and my immediate family and I live in Seattle… it has a huge gay dist… it feels like it’s just no big deal in a bigger city.


You aint alone man… I’m bi…(ish) its like half social complex.

Funny though… Went on a coffee date with an amazing girl the other day… Basically been lit up inside since… Like i can call on the most comfortable layer of lovingness i think ive ever known in my life. It would have been stronger with that very first gf way back when… But ive been starved of that intensity for years… So im laying here still dwelling on that experience… Totally in love with this chick… (Known her for a while)… And my voices are just raging about how gay I am… Hah whatever i dont ■■■■■■■ care…

It sucks though… Being bi is basically gayer than being gay… People really dont like to validate it… Leaves us all vulnerable and alone… Oh fucken well… Sorry monosexuals… The bisexual crowd are the most interesting and most human among any of us. It aint no ones choice what triggers them… God damn it leave us alone.

■■■■ heteronormativity… Stupid god fearing judgmental dipshits a multitude of human beings who live on their knees. Slaves of society and tradition…

For we who see the potentials, we who think for ourselves… Life among them is a living hell.

Now thats not just about bisexuality… But the bi orientation does predispose one to a different view of life… And by god its the most empathetic and universally embracing one that their is…

Take care man… Fight the good fight brother… Stick around.

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I’m gay and it makes it difficult to get guy friends. I’m talking about people you actually have ■■■■ in common with and not just annoying people who also happen to be gay. I have one guy friend currently, haven’t had more than that since elementary school. It’s not because I hit on them or act weird or anything, most guys simply aren’t interested in friendships with gay guys.

Yo true that…

■■■■ hetero dudes too though… Those guys are ■■■■■■■ pricks. I dug myself into a hole based on some openmindedness I tried sharing… Got the “gay” rep in a lot of circles around here… Reason number 1… Straight and narrow hetero people who don’t care to stand up for those who are different… Gay or bi.

This ■■■■ is still happening and its 2016 almost…

I know there are more gay people… But bi people have it the worst… Shows in a lot of studies and correlations… Higher stress levels, higher tendencies to stay closeted, less social acceptance…

Its all just to protect that normal hetero mindset as it develops into a douchey self assured ignoramous… They say you are either gay or you’re not… There is no part gay… Ive heard it multiple times…

Right that’s some ignorant ■■■■.

It varies so much… To some people a vaguely gay statement… Immediately indicates a purely homosexual orientation that is unchanging and they expect you to live by it and accept the social disjunct of it…

Then equally hetero people to these shmucks are like nah its alright anyone can have gay thoughts, dreams, feelings etc… Its a spectrum…

But the massively massive masses are that first kind… No one wants to stand up to them… Doing so openly… Welp that led to my delusions of persecution and the sz scenario entailed by that.

I’m bi. Don’t have issues with it.

None. Trisexual.


What is Trisexual??

I’m a straight guy, and there have been times when I got the impression gays didn’t want a friendship with a straight guy like me.

Gee, with comments like the following, I wonder why?


I don’t agree with a word Oddjob said actually, he’s generalizing too much. And with anger issues in the mix.

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Yeah I am bi. The full homosexuals think I’m straight and the full heterosexuals think I am gay.

You can choose both apples and oranges. Why limit yourself? Especially when you actually like both of them and can’t help it.

But gay sex is risky so I kind of cut that out. The sad truth is that it’s much more risky than straight sex. I sort of try to be straight…and it doesn’t really work 100%.


My son is gay, and has sz as well. From this mom’s point of view, it doesn’t make any difference as long as he’s true to himsef and brave enough to be who he really is, then I’m proud of him. It’s a hard world even under the best of circumstances, more so when faced with the challenge of sz. Best to be honest and live truthfully…and find love if you can…somene who fulfills what your heart desires.


Lol all the generalizing. Gays can be an assholes, straights can be assholes, bisexual can be assholes. It’s all individual. Only Trumpinians, they are assholes by definition.


How can you not know? That is the newest trend.

He’s my kind of bunghole.




He’s the only person in the primaries in the U.S. who sounds like a real person and not a politician reading off a teleprompter. Also, good entertainment value.


What is the link between drugs and being gay or bi? Is it 100%?

I don’t think there is any