Why is ‘your type’ your type

Hmm interesting question jonnybegood

I’m sure it’s different for everyone. Maybe you ain’t got no type. But

I’ll tell mine

When I was in a psych ward at 27 years old I met 2 women and both fell in love with me to some extent. One was 51 and the other was like 22.

Well the 51 year old asked me out first

I felt a bit more comfortable with her. But when the 22 year old got out of the hospital she started texting me with hearts and stuff. The 51 year old told me she loved me and wanted to be with me. I got cold feet cuz she was abrupt but.

The 22 year old heard I went on a date with 51 year old and stopped caring for me much. Well afterwards I realized the 22 years old girl was definitely “my type”. But she already moved far away. There’s at least 2 defining characteristics. And since that has been my type.

I’m interested in all types of women too but I do have a type still. I used to have different types but this ‘type’ has lasted 5 years maybe I should pursue meeting one of my type’(s).

I don’t think you can set rules about who you fall for. I think someone can kid themselves into thinking they have a type but then fall for someone who doesn’t fit that type.



Just kidding you’re probably right

But I know what’s most aesthetically pleasing to me and I get along with too.

I’ll give a hint. One of the traits is she must wear glasses :nerd_face:. Haha my type.

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I thought I had a type and dated exclusively “my type” of guy until I realized how dumb that is around 22 years old.

I dated way outside the box after that.

It was great.

My husband isn’t at all “my type” and I never would have even given him the time of day had I still been so closed minded.


I like all different types. I am married now though.

1 of my requirements isn’t based on looks- it’s that they have to like sushi😅


I use to think I had a “type” until that type kept being bad for me and I needed to change my way of thinking and started going for the opposite.


Hope you find someone that does it for you! lol

Superficially I’ve generally been into brunettes. I also appreciate intelligence, honesty, a shared sense of humour, generally chill and cool.

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my type is any pretty gal. i only like sex. i believe love is a concept. many people believe it. i dont. sex with pretty women. i vary the girls too. i like new girls. ‘aint talking about love. my love is rotten to the core.’ van halen. i do treat them with the utmost respect and care because women are wonderful, delicate like flowers, happy peoples most importantly, upbeat, so much energy, so astonishing beauty


Social justice warrior. But not collectivist.

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I used to say I’d never date a bodybuilder. I’m now married to one who years ago was Mr. Michigan. He treats me better than I’ve ever been treated in my life.


I don’t have a type - I am forever alone

:violin: :violin: :violin:


My type is prob someone not too serious, humor, childlike curiosity, a go getter, a bit anti establishment, adventurous, family oriented.

Your type sounds like escort lol :grin:


how so? if you care for social justice, how not collectivist? you mean you care but wouldn’t preach? maybe i am missinterpretating what is collectivist. dont feel obligated to answer. i got curious. i think i am missing something you could clarify if you would.

I agree with @LevelJ1,

Your type sounds like a hooker.

You want a gorgeous friend with benefits?

You’re dreaming.

Buy it dude, you’d be much happier.


Personality has a big influence on me. They can be the hottest woman in the world but if they arent nice thats a huge turn off for me.


the girls are all escort girls. i dont mess with peoples’ feelings. i like all girls but i dont work with feelings. i wouldnt deceive a love believing girl.

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You mean woman, right?


Thats good to hear. Too many guys do the player game and funk with womens hearts.

I was guilty of that when i was young

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I don’t have a “type”. I’ve dated really short people, really tall people, people of different races, people of different genders, people with different styles…

And I’m married now to the handsomest man ever! Not because he fits into a type, though. He is just perfect how he is.

Everybody is unique and that’s a beautiful thing.