I'm Not going to defend my feelings but I just wanted to announce

I am gay asexual romantic.

I do get attracted to guys on some level but it is not far enough to actually want to be with them and also I do like heterosexual sex but not enough to want to have heterosexual sex.

For several reasons.


I hope people don’t get annoyed on the forum.

It has nothing to do with insecurities.

I just wanted to share this because you are my ahem, third, family :raised_hands:


Well right now i am not really looking to meet anyone so it is more abstinent for now.

But in the future :crystal_ball::crystal_ball::crystal_ball::crystal_ball:


Maybe I’m bi because I do get attracted to guys. I just wouldn’t take it further though cos it doesn’t feel good to me.

What about you peeps?


I’m straight/heterosexual with no desire to be in a relationship. I also don’t seek out sex outside of a relationship, but I’m not asexual. I guess I’m just abstinent straight or abstinent heterosexual. IDK. I don’t know how to define myself. Just living my life…


Yea OK. I’m bi.

Since you never know the future


Im bi too. But im not really a-sexual. I just cant be bothered lately with the hassle of another man or woman - and all the work you have to put in to keep them.

Been bitten too many times before - and since living on my own for over 20 years, ive got selfish :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea it is a lot of effort and preparation lol. :sweat_smile::ok_hand:I understand what you mean there


Im only into schizophrenic men and im a women.


I don’t want to offend you @LittleMissSlothy , but you often seem a bit confused to me. You referred to practically every sexual orientation under the sun in this thread as a potential for you, including asexual. Maybe you should concentrate less on defining yourself and just look for the right person. Whether they are male, female or no one, I’m sure the attraction will be apparent to you then and it won’t matter what label you have put on yourself here. Just a suggestion.

Just be you, and let the chips fall where they may, rather than putting yourself in a box, is my advice. I’m sure that you will figure it all out eventually.


Hey thankyou Bowens I think that’s a good point as it does get confusing. I guess I’m just label less when it comes to sexual orientation because it really depends on me and the person and not the gender. :crystal_ball:


It does seem like it has something to do with it.

But who am I to tell? Straight guy who finds relationships to be work I don’t want.


I think generally schizophrenic men are hot cos they’ve been through a lot.

I personally get too triggered to be intimate with sz ppl, because I regularly get schizophrenic flare ups.

However, never say never cos when love hits someone it hits hard.


Yeah, but if they are like me - they probably cos issues lol.

Im a nightmare to live with :smiley:


my friend has been telling me he participated in a gay orgy when he was in florida. he doesn’t claim to be gay. i’m straight but i’ve kissed two guys. totally heterosexual though. once was at a party in the woods when i was 18 and then once with this dreadlocked guy in my living room after a night of smoking coke. weird that i did that. didn’t feel right.

i haven’t been in a relationship since my late 20’s and i’m 39. had a friend for a while at 36 we cuddled and kissed a few times. it’s a lonely existence.


Sexuality can be complicated for some people sometimes.

Personally speaking, I’m sexually and romantically attracted to men.

Initial sexual attraction is usually spurred on by a guy’s sense of humor, intelligence, and looks— not always in that order, though.

Romantic attraction follows after that moment of initial sexual attraction— traits like loyalty, honesty, consideration, good-heartedness, hard-working, and well-mannered all play a very important role in deciding if I’m romantically attracted to someone beyond that initial sexual attraction phase.

I think certain women are beautiful, and I can appreciate the body and looks of a member of the same sex— however, I am not really interested in having a sexual or romantic relationship with them.

…Even though I’ve had my fair share of voices try to convince me I’m gay, but that’s another story for another time.

What I’ve always found confusing and bothersome is when I did have friends who were women, sometimes they would try to kiss me or kiss each other when alcohol was involved.

Maybe they’re super comfortable with their sexuality, or maybe curious, or maybe they’re just tipsy and simply fuucking around… Don’t really know.

But that shiit always confused me, irked me, and made me pretty uncomfortable.

I don’t have any friends at all now, so I suppose that behavior is one less thing to worry about :sweat_smile:.


Okay? So is my daughter. Not sure why this is a big deal nowadays? People should be able to date who they are attracted to (so long as they’re of legal age) without discrimination or crticism, full-stop.


@velociraptor yea it is sad when people are beaten up.

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You’d be a regular for tea at our place if you lived closer (I blame you for this). Just so you know.

[ gives friendly nip on the ankle ]

[ realizes tuna tastes like chicken ]

[ hides under the couch and looks up breading recipes ]



Idk why I felt the need to announce that I’m label less. I guess I always have this need to express myself as if I will disappear if I don’t. Haha

I don’t think it is a big deal. Just people like people to be aware perhaps

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