Why all the milk cartons

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Due to family history, I have a deep thing about kidnappers. My kid sis who is the youngest and the only girl in the family, and the most outgoing is just exactly what a kidnapper would have his eye out for. Plus I ended up with a very deep delusion concerning her when I was 11 and she was born.

I have spent most of my life training my younger siblings, especially my kid sis how to stay safe from the kidnappers who I was sure was always following us, watching us, plotting and planning for the one tiny moment when I might let my guard down.

My doc would say that kidnappers aren’t after us. But he couldn’t deny that kidnappers DO exist in the world. There are kidnappers. Kidnapping does happen. That’s probably why my delusion is so hard to shake, you can’t deny the existence of kidnappers.

I don’t know how it was in the rest of the country, but in my state pictures of kidnapped children used to be printed on milk cartons. So I would collect them and keep my eye out. I would just buy them from the store and make my kid sis read them all so she would know that kidnappers are everywhere.

I had her convinced that every human on the face of the earth, teachers, swim coaches, school bus driver… even some of our own family were all kidnappers.

I never wanted my sis to end up on a milk carton.

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Good morning J, You know my therapist said something to me that really made me think. She said that there is some truth behind some delusions. My delusions of being super spiritual has some truth to it. I was always into the paranormal to some extent, but when I become delusional, I took it to an ultra exaggerated state.
Im thinking that your delusions hold some truth behind it. You care for your younger sister and dont want anything bad happening to her - this is the reality. You delusions stretched your fear of bad things happening to her, like kidnappers taking her


Thank you for this… this is something to ponder. I was convinced that my delusions were regional and family history. But it makes more sense that one grain of a normal feeling gets stretched and pulled out of shape by a delusion.

So, my simple wish to be a good big brother and a good dad some day gets pulled into all sorts of distortions due to a delusion…

My fear of loosing my kid sis triggers my kidnappers, my simple wish to be calm and be at peace from this disease turns into my Zen master delusion? This makes very good sense. This is something I will seriously ponder.

Again… Thank you for this…


I am glad I could be of some help - after all you helped me out many times

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Ah. That WAS pretty powerful proof. Still a delusion (kinda) but A+ for usefulness (this one might have actually done some good) A for good, thought provoking proof and A+++ for presentation.

There is even a band called The Milk Carton Kids. :musical_note:


I have a delusion that is close to yours but instead of kidnappers its terrorist.

Why didn’t they put missing kids pictures on postage stamps back then? That way the postman can look for them at all the houses while delivering mail.

Do you know what traits make a good victim? The quiet ones. Not necessarily shy kids, because you can’t get close to them, but the kid who is afraid to be loud and draw attention to themselves. Those kids are easy pickings.
If you value kids, teach them to be very vocal and bratty on cue. No kidnapper wants to drag a kicking, screaming brat into their vehicle and try to drive away without attracting onlookers.
They don’t even have to kick and scream either. In a crowd when they get approached, they can pick an adult nearby, and say very loudly “oh there’s my (Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, Whatever) let me go ask them” all the while loudly drawing attention to themselves.
Nothing makes a kidnapper run faster than all eyes on the kid they’re trying to lure into their car.

In 1978 at the Concord mall when I was 13 years old I’m positive I was approached by “the hillside strangler” this man had been following me for a couple of hours and it just gave me the creepiest feeling. Finally I thought I had ditched him but he was waiting casually on the bench right outside Mervyn’s, just inside the mall. I got the nerve to walk past him and he went “psst” C’mere’. Curious, I wanted to see what he wanted. He got real close to me as if trying to tell me a secret, then said, “you’re pretty cute, wanna come out to my van and get high with me”? My warning light went into red light panic and this Da ja vu came over me that I knew somehow I would end up dead. I looked around for help but didn’t know how to ask with him standing there assuming we were best friends. I just said pretty darned loud “no thanks- I don’t do drugs!” People’s eyes were riveted on us and suddenly I saw a security guard looking as well. He shrunk like I poured hot water on him and backed away as quickly as possible saying “shhhhhhh, oh how uncool, how uncool!” An then he was gone. I didn’t realize until many years later it was very possibly the hillside strangler after reading an in depth article on their methodology, which included attempting pick ups on girls using the same line at malls, including the concord mall. I had only heard on the news they were in LA, the news never mentioned coming up this far north for victims.
I had another stalker in the early 90’s at another closer mall, but it was very a different method…still, nothing sets off the red alert warning gut feeling that this is not a normal person just wanting to say hello. These guys had a mission.

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That is exactly why I trained my kid sis to scream, kick, throw stuff, pull fire alarms, run away, punch, yell for help, if she was ever approached, grabbed, touched by a stranger. I spent many years training her how to thwart kidnappers.

I am so glad you had the quick thinking to thwart that kidnapper in the mall. That was very cool that you knew what to do.

Actually, I had no idea what to do, this was decades before any kind of girl defense was taught.
What happened really surprised me because it came from the heart and was completely true. I didn’t know it had the opposite of saving my life and when I told my brothers (who smoked weed) they said That wast the rudest, stupidest thing they ever heard. I felt shame for years, maybe thats why I never told my parents and recalled the situation so well.

Predators watch people for a long time to see what they are like, they look for the meek kids who try to fit in yet are quiet. A quiet kid is ideal. No outgoing kids or chatty kids make the list. It’s not enough to teach kids to react when they’re grabbed, kids have to become more animated and loud when they get that uncomfortable feeling of being watched.
Usually by the time they approach the kid it’s too late for the kid to act up and scream.

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I’m sorry they told you that because you did the exact right thing. Sorry your brothers were like that.