Surprised j, i don't think those are delusions

How can anything you have said be a delusion exactly?

Poisonous foods, almost everything out there is poisonous. I also admire your balls in refusing it.

There really are kidnappers, and yeah they are after all of your children, i don’t know maybe you just reacted wrong? It’s not not true though and i admire that you actually tried to do anything, most do not.

So, you freaked out, who wouldn’t knowing that?

I just don’t know what you did wrong exactly.

I can hear them trying to talk you down, “J, there are no kidnappers, calm down!” Maybe they should have said “J, there are alot of kidnappers, but no one is going to do anything about it really, let’s go to mcdonalds.”

If they had only had that special something that you did, it’s very valuable down here, it’s the difference between action and thousands more going missing every year.

They bark at you to calm down right, and then their kid goes missing and then they freak out like you did.

You are simply intelligent aren’t you.

Yes there was a lot of that… which is why I was collecting my milk cartons. But if they would have told me the second sentence I most likely would have gotten even more vigilant and even more out of my head about this.

I don’t know if I would say I’m intelligent, but I do know I’m impossibly stubborn.

Well lets not have a who-is-crazier? contest…


:smiley: Lol. It won’t go there, I don’t have the strength.

I happily take my meds and look back and say, that was me then… but it’s not me now. Besides, my sis…

The student… has out done the master. She’ll be fine.