What delusions have you had?

Hey I kinda want insight on some of your guys delusions. It will really help hearing from someone else there main delusions they are facing or have already dealt with. By reading others delusions, it gives me a different perspective on life with schizophrenia.

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I thought Hell’s angels would kill me. I thought my dad was going to kill me. I thought ppl could read my mind, so I thought of random stuff so nobody would know what I was actually thinking about.

There are a few delusions that have hit my heart so deeply they will never leave me. I haven’t over come them or dispelled them at all. The second biggest being that there are Kidnappers everywhere. That every human on the planet IS a kidnapper in disguise. I have spent much of my life training my younger siblings to thwart kidnappers… with some logical and some not so logical ways.

The ones I have been able to get through… My family and I spent time in spain. (No we didn’t. never been)
The wind told me that babies were on their way into my life at various times in my life. (no baby yet, but I like kids so this one makes me sad when it doesn’t come true.)

I was a Zen Master. (No, I’m not. I like the philosophy, but I’m not going to be replacing the Dali Lama any time soon)

I’ve had sonic hearing and could read other peoples minds… (no it was just the voices)
I’ve had other super powers… (No, I don’t. I just know how to swim well)

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I had this kind of anxious or deluded things I would really like to share,for example when on TV some actor appear on show,while I was watching tv with others,I get anxious because I worry people will link between him and me,does this sounds familiar to any of you?

I did a few things very similar to this when I was young.

my delusions have always been a vague feeling the people around me are out to get me so tiresome grumble grumble

Everybody is against me. Everybody is thinking of me. People can read my mind. I can read other peoples minds.

The police are after me. :police_car:

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Oh wow…i have had tons. I used to think that I was being filmed 24/7 and put on TV and the Internet like that movie The Truman Show.

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I thought that my family created this technology where you could go into the body of another person and they could hear your thoughts and what was going on around you. With this technology you could communicate forward and backwards in time (hence the name metime). So I thought I was communicating with some dead relatives as well as some cousins from the past. I was connected to my future life as well. It was a wild and almost fatal ride.

In the past, thank god I only have one main delusion now that I think off and on (that being possessed). I was god and I saved the whole world. I burned forever and was returned here to earth. I was a serial killer who wore a mask of a ram, and I killed people at 2-3am with a butchers knife… Wait was that a delusion? Never mind. I thought I was going to marry a girl I barely knew who I was in love with and my friend was god and going to win the lottery. I thought I was in a whole different universe and I was the only one real. And many other delusions…

when I was on an episode in 2012, I had some delusions that scared the hell out of me. At that time, I felt that I was persecuted by three groups of people just because I had read many books. Actually the reason for me to be persecuted was wield. I heard a voice calling me the biggest bookcase in the world so there was a war among the three groups of people who wanted to destroy me as a big bookcase so that I would not be able to bring so much information and knowledge back to China. The voices told me that they were going to bomb the plane I take and they would trace me up wherever I go by burying some electronic chips in my body. And what was more scary was that some parts of my body were beating like I had many hearts inside of my body. One voice said harshly to me that “you showed too much sympathy to many people. It’s not normal for a human. In order to punish you, we installed many hearts in your body and let you know what it is like if a human has too many hearts in his/her single body.” Yeah, many parts of my body were beating and aching all at once. Beside that , these people burned me in my tummy. They burned me as if my tummy was going to explode immediately. (In fact nobody burned me , it was just one of my tactile hallucinations). Anyway, I just had the delusion that three groups of people were going to kill me and my family.

Now two years passed by yet I am still sad that I had had such miserable hallucinations and delusions.

I didn’t know that one can talk themselves out of a delusion - It takes antipsychotics to get me back down to reality

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I believed my mother-in-law was trying to poison me, and years back before that I believed I was a saint. More recently, that the computer is laughing at me, and that aliens and the TV are inserting thoughts into my head.

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I understand, but for me, I cannot psychologically steer or drive my delusions away - it takes meds to clear them out

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My first ever one was when my uncle committed suicide, I believed I had to save him from the afterlife through meditation, I’d meditate for hours, I eventually lost my faith, haven’t been able to meditate since but I regained my faith I’m just too scared and have little concentration to meditate, my ‘monkey mind’ goes wild.

My main one is that I’m a political prisoner, that because I was premature the government thought I wouldn’t amount to much so used my subconscious as a storage device for government secrets, that they put an implant in my right parietal lobe during a head injury when I was 3. When I was 14 it activated during puberty and my IQ increased to 142 (which it actually did) and I could access the secrets which made me a government risk and therefore led to the plot of my death and spies following me.

My other main one is that I am keeper of the time planes, I stand on four dimensions and see the creatures and people from those dimensions, the voices are them. It also allowed me to connect with nature trees would wave at me etc I used to love that.

That I could communicate with aliens and control the weather leading to me causing the Sumatra earthquake and tsunami.

That the world was going to end to me in 2012 that everyone would turn into spies which would be evident by snake like eyes and I had to stop it happening.

Those are my main ones, I’ve had little ones like microscopic rats eating my spine, which were injected into my spine at night and over come them. Hope this helps.

People can read my mind.


I imagine that a neo-Nazi genocide is imminent.

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