Way back in my delusional days

Back when I was floridly delusional (the late 60’s and early 70’s), the delusions would often be political. Now I see a lot of delusions from “you youngsters” about spiritual things – spirits and devils/demons and gods, and also about personal relationships.

Maybe these are signs of the times. I see in “A Beautiful Mind” the delusions were portrayed as being about the cold war. Before that maybe the delusions were about World War II. And before that about poverty if you were SZ during the depression.

What next?

I’ve heard this from other guys in my SZ group. They also had political delusions but they notice that the younger members of the group have religious based delusions.

It makes sense that our delusions would be effected by what is going on around us at the time. One that I have always battled has been kidnappers. There were a lot of kidnappings when I was younger. Pictures of missing kids were on all the milk cartons and the “have you seen me” billboards.
Kidnappings were in the news all the time. I was so afraid for my younger siblings. I spent a lot of my life battling kidnappers that were never there.

when i heard voices i was convinced they were demons, because how could i know they were made up in my mind, but now i know it was just psychosis

There was one doc who had the hardest time with my delusions. He could help calm my room mate in hospital down and be able to say, “That huge demon monster doesn’t walk the earth. If it ate an entire building, people would notice”

But he couldn’t tell me kidnappers didn’t exist and that my younger siblings should not be cautious around strangers. He was always stuck with that one.

i tend to have political and religious ones. im really into alex jones and my dad is from the 40s so he talks a lot about politics and racial things. not to offend anyone…