Who's taking seroquel?

How much weight have you gained on seroquel ? It’s much cheaper to take seroquel than latuda, i might even be able to get a job. I love latuda so far, but I can’t seem to formulate a plan to go back to work and still pay for latuda as im currently on medicaid.

When will the generic version be out? Actually a quick search shows maybe 2018. If that’s right, then it’ll be much cheaper then.

I’ve taken 'Quel for years. I love the stuff. BUT…

Most anti-Ps are pretty similar in terms of their basic mechanisms of action in suppressing synaptic dopamine transmission. But, each one is a molecular formulation that’s just enough different to 1) make it qualify for its own separate (and very profitable) patent, and 2) make it hit those receptors just a little differently (even including hitting different sub-types) (this is called “affinity”).

And each human being is the result of slightly different genetics and epigenetics (see, as well as all the effects of life experience (or “nurture”) vs. genetic and epigentic “nature.” Thus, no med will work exactly the same way for any two people, save possibly a pair of identical twins, and even then diverse life experience is likely to have a say in the matter.

The statistical measures of “common side effects” are just that: statistics. They are worth looking into, but… Anyone who takes a particular med will have their specific reactions to it at the particular time in their lives that they take that med. I have seen pts who had an awful time on a particular med ten years earlier do fine with it ten years later.