Latuda or seroquel? Trying to decide

Got an appointment on the 1st after having been on haldol just over a month. I really don’t like the side effects. I wake up at least two times every single night to pee. I smoke a lot more than usual. The chance of permanent movement disorder and more, it’s just an older drug and I don’t like.

I was thinking either latuda or seroquel. I see pros and cons to both. The thing I like about seroquel is the sedation and sleep. The thing I like about latuda is less sexual side effects and that it comes in injectable form cause im pretty non adherent to meds (last two times I tried seroquel i stopped after 1-2 weeks) though i’m hoping I might be past that non adherent stage.

Any input appreciated :smiley:

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It’s all personal trial and error. One person’s miracle med is another’s poison.

Seroquel didn’t suit me at all.

If you’re not compliant with meds then latuda would be difficult as you have to take it with 500 calories of food (or something). So you sound like the injectable latuda would be a better fit if you go for latuda.



Haldol was a nightmare for me.

I haven’t tried Seroquel but I’ve been on Latuda 60mg for several years and it works great.

Before Latuda I was on 40mg Olanzapine for about 17 years. Lots of side effects.

Latuda is my miracle med. I’m working 2 jobs, have a great social life. No weight gain. It’s made a real difference in my life.

I did develop akathisia on Latuda so I take 75mg of Trazodone to solve that problem, works perfectly.


Yeah i’m thinking latuda as well, this kinda reinforces it for me

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I tried Latuda but got a serious side effect in form of chest pain after a few days, so it’s not for me. I only tried seroquel at low range doses of 25-75mg which worked somewhat on sleep and had little side effects. I think coming off olanzapine, seroquel is the best option to match the sedation and deal with possible insomnia issues. I never tried haldol though.

I’m on latuda and am really well on it.

I think it’s been a good medication for me thankfully.

First few weeks I got jaw clenching but that went away thankfully.

Now I sometimes get anxiety after I take my medication and I get insomnia apart from that all good.

My last psychiatrist wanted me on seroquel aswell as latuda.
She wanted me to take seroquel as a sleeping tablet but i don’t want to because of weight gain and other side effects.

I gained about ten kg on latuda unfortunately which is unusual.

I’ve been on both. The Seroquel was too powerful for my body. Latuda had the side effect of sleepiness.

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I do really hate the idea of having to switch again… after i just stabalized. Will see what my psychiatrist thinks on the 1st.

Im feeling really alive other than those nasty side effects.

I wouldn’t swap the Haldol for one of those two. Latuda is ranked as the third weakest antipsychotics ever made and Qutiapine causes massive weight gain and finally diabetes. I have been placed on the Haldol like meds Clopixol for 25 years in depo. And I by prefere it over other options. Keep in mind the other two options have only been used for around 20 years. Haldol has been used for nearly 50 years.


Seroquel didnt treat my psychosis it was still quite prevelent and the doctor kept upping my dose which just made me sleep more. Latuda gave me aches and pains or made me more aware of ones that I have. Invega worked but i had alot of weight gain and sexual side effects. Caplyta has worked the best for me so far


Passed out on Seroquel. I liked latuda better.

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Corian I hope the Calypta keep continue to work well for you. Calypta is so new that only time will tell how that it compares to the other treatment options.

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I appreciate it, so far so good

Seroquel is very sedating as an ap. Latuda is much better for this reason.

350 calories is what you need to eat otherwise you blood level are about 3 times lower compared to fasted. I actually didn’t realise that it was that much of a metabolism difference.

350 calories does become kinda annoying to hit especially after taking it for years. Personally I like taking my meds right before bed so sometimes I feel a bit tired to eat. Some Ensure or Mass gainer and full cream milk will make it pretty easy and totally achievable. They don’t have a depot for latuda yet.

To be honest I will occasionally miss the 350 calories and personally I feel in the long it doesn’t make much of a difference as long as your are on top of it 90% of the time. I actually just calculated it and I’ve normally been having ~215-270 calories when I do and I also feel fine. I’ll probably start taking my fish oil at night also which would make it ~320.

But yeah hands down latuda just take it at dinner time or have a hot chocolate/shake or your midnight snack of choice. Something tasty, as a reward for taking your meds