Anyone ever tried latuda and seroquel at different times? Experiences?

My doc mentioned going on latuda to help with the seroquel induced weight gain. Anyone done this change before? What are the differences between the meds?

Both are good meds for some people. My mom thinks Latuda made me worse. I did end up in the hospital while I was on it but it may be a great med for you. Seroquel also made me gain a bunch of weight but it is really good for anxiety. I have a as needed low dose prescription for when I need it.

Well Latuda made me crazier. Akathisia/anxiety so bad I became suicidal. So I had to go off that one pretty quick. It was like a more intense version of abilify basically.

Seroquel was pretty chill though I was only on a very low dose of it, mostly for sleep purposes. Very vivid dreams and strong sedation, as well as some sexual dysfunction. (Only reason I didn’t want to up doses was because when I tried the sedation carried over into the next day and also I was scared of weight gain)

So I had completely different experiences with the two. I’d say the main difference is Latuda is “activating” (more likely to cause restlessness, jitters, etc) and seroquel is sedating.

Neither caused me to gain weight.


My problem with latuda is that you have to eat at least 300 calories with the pills. So it caused me to gain about 40 lbs in just a few months.

But I gain a lot of weight really fast on all atypicals.

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Latuda was the worse drug I ever tried !! It made me super delusional, I had scary, horrific anxiety and dreams and thoughts, … I freaked out on numerous occasions. I kinda felt like a tweeker or a dope fiend (it did not mix with my professional lifestyle or the one I “think” I have) I quit Latuda, cold turkey which was stupid and dumb .:: and I don’t recommend doing… I believe the withdrawals were prolly worse than the drug … the first 7-11 days almost defeated me but I made it through alive and here I am .::;
I now take Seroquel at night it knocks me out … no weight gain., no complaints


Yeah I hated that…: but it did give me an excuse to eat a PBJ with a glass of milk before bed

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Seroquel made me psychotic so I only took it once. I love Latuda though. But I did gain about 50 pounds on it. It helps with the negatives if you have them. Doesn’t make them go away by any stretch of the imagination but it does help.

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Seroquel is supposed to be slightly stronger then latuda. I felt like a zombie on seroquel and latuda made me eat more and feel like a sleepy fat blob. Every BODY is different so what doesn’t work for some can work for others. I’m on prozac and abilify. Still adjusting to abilify.

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I’ve used both. I didn’t like seroquel and I’m currently taking and liking Latuda. I don’t like weight gain. I don’t notice it with Latuda. My weights fine up but I’m still in hibernation mode from winter.

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I took Ambien and Seroquel together when I was younger for years. I don’t recommend taking sedative hypnotics they made me hallucinate a bit. I really liked how it felt but it only lasted 15 minutes. Yeah glad I’m off the Ambien for sure.

I’ve been on both, but seroquel more recently. I didn’t experience weight gain with either drug, but I think Latuda was the one that made me lactate. Obviously, this doesn’t happen to everyone. I had severe stuffy nose the whole time I was on seroquel, no matter the dosage. Latuda, at least in my experience, wasn’t as effective at controlling my psychotic symptoms as seroquel, but again, everyone is different.

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I was on Quetiapine SR. I went upto 800mg a day in combination with Aripiprazole 30mg. I don’t think it was very effective. Recently doc has introduced Lurasidone in combination with Aripiprazole. I think for me Lurasidone is the best drug I ever had. I went upto 80mg but now on 40 mg. It all boils down to which drug suits you better. Otherwise all are equal. For me Lurasidone is more effective than Quetiapine SR.

I was on Seroquel XR for three years and Latuda for three days.
If I hadn’t started to have bad side effects (heart thumping, catching breath… jerky movements on my limbs out of nowhere), I would still be on it. I took it before bed every night… it helped a lot with sleep and definitely evened me out. I didn’t gain weight on it for the first couple of years because I used to work out five days a week, but once I cut back I ballooned and found that I had to cut back majorly on the type of food I was eating, and I have always had a good metabolism so it was definitely Seroquel related.

Latuda I couldn’t handle more than three days and I wish I could have stayed on it. I took it after eating dinner (have to take with food) before bed and the following day felt like a cloud sort of lifted a little bit. Day two I felt even better and had motivation to do things around the house that needed my attention for a long time but couldn’t do… But I was beginning to become really nauseous and couldn’t eat except for the small meal they advise you take with it. Day three I was so sick to my stomach I laid in bed all day but my mood was a 180° difference… It was very frustrating to be so sick physically but feel so much better mentally.

I know people that say the same thing as me- that the cloud was lifted quickly with Latuda, and have had a lot of success on it. It is worth a try I think. If your body doesn’t like it, you’ll know quickly. My doctor even told me- a lot of people feel sick on it, and fast… but it won’t get better as your body adjusts, it will only get worse. I’m not sure how true that is, but it was in my case.

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I’ve never tried Latuda, but i know someone who takes it and for them it has been fantastic. I’ve been on Quetiapine (Seroquel) before, but it really didn’t make much difference to me. However, it is important to remember that you are your own person. What works well for me, may be horrible for you. Keep in touch with your case manager (if you have one) and your pdoc until you find something that works well for you.

I took Seroquel years ago and found it to be incredibly sedating. My pdoc switched me to Seroquel XR, the extended release version and it helped. It was a good med for me, but like many other meds, eventually the benefit wore off and I had to switch to something else. Fast forward to now and i’m on Latuda. I find Latuda to not be that sedating, although it does help me sleep at night. During the day I have some akathisia that I take propranolol for. It’s been a pretty good med, though. It doesn’t make everything go away, but then no med ever has for me.