I am on Latuda

I am on Latuda. My doctor gave free samples for awhile but when I went to pharmacy, they said it cost over $1000 for 30 pills, which I can’t afford. So doctor gave me 14 sample pills. Don’t know what I will do after they are gone.

Yeah psych meds are pretty pricey.

I’ve been on Geodon and Seroquel for well over ten years now, and they keep me stable and in touch with reality. I think these med’s have been around long enough that they have gone generic, which makes them much cheaper. I’ve heard that when the pharmaceutical companies first come out with a drug they’re allowed to charge any price they want so they can recoup their research and development costs. After a certain amount of time they have to let other companies make generic versions of their drugs and the price comes way down.

It is the greed of these pharmaceutical companies that can keep us suffering. All they want is their money while we suffer. I tried to be on both saffris and fanapt and even with medicare part d insurance. I am now trying Seroquel and have had problems with the side effects. I stopped taking it and the nurse today. She said that the psychiatrist did not want to start me on any new medications; because that would “mess” up my body. She said that the side effects should wear off in about a month or so. I first took 50mg and that gave me daytime sleepiness. Then ,I got a pill cutter as per the doctor’s instructions and took only 25 mg at bedtime. But, the psychotic thoughts returned in vengeance. So, the nurse told me to start back taking the 50 mg which I will do tonight at bedtime. I do worry about the sleepiness, the headaches, and the stomach problems. I wonder if I should take it with food. I also think I might get some sort of yogurt that I saw on tv tomorrow; but, for some reason I forgot the name. I also worry about the daytime sleepiness. Anyway, I will see the psychiatrist on an afternoon walk-in on March 17, a Tuesday. I know that medications are necessary. I only wonder why they make them with so many side effects. Are they in a hurry for their money? This is not only for psychiatric medicines; but, other illnesses as well. I hear of so many medications that their side effects are cancer or even death! I guess it is greed that confuses relief of suffering with death.