Getting a new antipsychotic

After being on Seroquel for about 5-6 years, I decided that I’m going to be going on a new antipsychotic (Latuda) with a suggestion from my pdoc. It’s been a good medicine for me but I just want to go on a medicine that won’t make me eat as much and won’t make me more prone to gaining weight. She also told me about the other positive effects it has. Hoping this will work. :crossed_fingers:


I hope it works out for you!


Hope you have good results! I know how traumatic it is to change meds - I’m just starting one myself as of last night - but it can be so worth it! Good luck with the transition!


Good luck @spacemonkey sounds nerve-wracking but I hope it works out really better :slight_smile:
I know the feeling I get so scared to change my antipsychotic.
Best of wishes!


Thank you all for the good wishes! Latuda just came in. Still weaning off the Seroquel but anticipating for when I can try it out. I know it’s a bit early for this but I might put updates here.

Good luck @spacemonkey

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