Whos into bodybuilding here

i want to achieve a bodybuilding physique. is it possible with antipsychotics. like this i wanna be ripped and shredded.


You should be able to, but it’s probably all your free time to get like the guy in that picture!

For me, I am just trying to keep off excess weight.

My exercise is mainly swimming which is a mixture of strength and cardio.

I want to have well used muscles, but at the same time being ripped like that would never appeal to me at all!


Probably not without roids. But you can always try to get there, but hopefully naturally. If I did bodybuilding, I would go the natural route. But I do enjoy lifting quite a bit, just on more of a powerlifting side.

I do pump once a week.

I had two boyfriends that were body builders.

One was huge but he was on steroids.
I was obsessed with him.
He looked like a model from a body building magazine.
He was stunning.

I had another fit boyfriend who was a kickboxer.

My boyfriend I have now doesn’t take care of himself very well unfortunately.

I would love to be a body builder if I was more disciplined.

I went to the gym five days a week and did two hours at gym but was still fat because I ate a lot and was on medication.

Now I exercise less and it’s a struggle to do the little I do.

Good wishes to you.:slightly_smiling_face:

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it would be nice, look like that guy rip and shredded. girls will be on me like glue right plus the hair and mustache lol.

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My x boyfriend was bigger and musclier than this.
He was huuuuge.
Soooo muscly.

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do girls like muscle guys, i want girls to like me, thats why im doing too. to build my selfesteem. i want to girl look at me. lol especially hot girls yea that will be awesome.

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It’s possible but you need steroids to look like that. My husband is a body builder, and he says you can’t look like that without steroids


It’s very attractive with a man who takes care of himself.

I haven’t had such a man in over twenty years.

Maybe because of all my diseases I think I can’t set such high standards anymore.

To me most important is that the guy is nice etc.

I admire the self discipline it takes to do body building so it can take character.

This makes me admire them for that.

Just don’t become stuck up because that can be unattractive.

Being in shape and keeping the weight off is a life Long battle.

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are you sure really, im going take steriods now, lol jk how about test boosters.

Yes, I’m sure. It’s a bad idea though

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looking rip and shredded is awesome, especially you get girls looking at you. so worth it.

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Yeah, it probably is. Attention is good.

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i love the attention its addicting. espcially hot girls.

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Plenty of women fall in love with guys who have average and even below average looking bodies. Also, I know women who are turned off by super muscular men.

Try working on yourself. Be a good person who can see humor in life. That’s very attractive in a person

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okay thanks for information. i like busty girls like this i can show this on here.

Women are worth a lot more than being reduced to their bodies and breasts

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i like beautiful girls.

Don’t judge someone by the shape of their figure.