Who sleeps with sleeping pills and who naturally?

I take half the sleepung pill just to make me drowzy so i wouldnt get out of bed.

I think the meds regulate my sleep cycle but I take all 4 in the morning so none make me directly drowsy. But I was an insomniac before meds. Now I’m not even though I take abilify 20 mg in morning.

I have to have sleep aids or I’ll just stay awake all night.

Usually some benedryl and edibles.

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My medication gives me insomnia. So I think soon I will have to take something to help me sleep.

I’m a sleeper, ly down at anytime and I can usually fall asleep. The odd time I’m to worked up I have Ativan, which puts me to sleep

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I used to take Zopiclone for my insomnia during my psychosis. Now I just take a few pills at night, one AP and ativan at night time. Sleep just fine if not a bit long 9-10 hrs.

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I sleep ok mostly :slight_smile:

I have just begun taking Klonipin 1 mg every night before bed in an effort to make me sleep longer than 4- 6 hours a night. So far, it is not working. I already take Seroquel 200mg at night and Melatonin 6 mg at night for sleep. It all makes me very sleepy at bedtime but I still wake up 3.5 hours too early. And going to bed earlier doesn’t help.

Sz’s don’t usually have trouble sleeping. But with sza’s, sleep problems are the bane of their existence.

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My sleep is perfect off meds, except that it starts after 6 am…

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my sleep has been bad since i was about 6, when i started having insomnia and nightmares. i was on remeron as a child for sleep (made me gain weight and caused gynecomastia) and then as a teenager ive been on trazodone, vistaril, clonidine, and now seroquel. dont remember the remeron ever helping much, the trazodone, idk if it helped but they gave it to me again recently when i was in the hospital and it did nothing, vistaril worked for about a year then stopped working, clonidine worked for a while but never made me that sleepy, even when i overdosed on it it didnt completely knock me out. the seroquel is working well so far but im anticipating it burning out. wont be surprised if i end up on a z drug or something in the future.

When I first quit drinking alcohol I used melatonin to help me sleep. When I quit smoking marijuana I used clonazepam. Now I just use Latuda to help me sleep better.

I’m sza bipolar type and it depends on whether or not the bipolar is symptomatic, and whether I’m depressed or manic. Right now I take an ap that is quite sedating and it seems to be helping to regulate my sleeping ok. Historically I’ve required a sleep aid of some kind.

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I take trazadone, and klonopin for sleep. Trazadone allows it to happen period, and klonopin enhances it.

I take Lunesta. It really helps.

I get outta 4 stages of sleep the first 2 , but not deep sleep or R.E.M… So I technically not really sleeping just unconscious…

Risperidone has really helped me get to sleep at night. Before that, it would take me forever.

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I need sleeping pills to be able to go to bed at an only slightly unholy hour. My natural sleep I don’t get tired until 4 am and need like 11 hrs of sleep as opposed to 8 because I don’t have very efficient sleep. My sleep is just…so messed up. According to my mom it has been ever since I was born, even as a baby I stayed up later than my parents.

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I occasionally take one. Not very often.

I took xanax for years but decided to get off benzo’s after having a gran mal siezure. These days I sleep naturally…if you call it that because I take 10mgs of zyprexa at night.

I had a lifetime of insomnia, especially getting to sleep but these days It is just a natural thing. I do keep a pretty static routine. Go to bed same time etc! That seems to work really well for me! I’m glad I don’t need any help chemically anymore!

My psych doc says he doesn’t know what to do with me for my waking too early issues because he says I’m not hypo or hypermanic or even depressed. That’s why the benzo.