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Who is on seroquel here?


How do you find this med? Did it help you to discover positive emotions on it or you never had problem with the emotions? I am on zyprexa too since a year but i still suffer a lot. Still paranoia, nrgative emotins, depression. I read on the net that seroquel is good against depression? Zyprexa is not a big help on this i find…


I’m on Seroquel. It helps me with hypomania and helps me sleep better at night. It has a definite calming effect upon me. Great drug. I’m on 200 mg every night.


Great that it helps you skinny :grinning:. Me, i take it for other symptoms i find. Against my paranoia and to regain some positive emotions. Did you put weight on it?


I was on seroquel for short periods of time. It definitely put a stop to any delusions I was having.

I had some bad side effects from it though. Heart palpitations for one. Also, I blacked out twice after I woke up in the middle of the night and walked to the kitchen for some food.

It’s definitely effective at making me fall asleep though. Unfortunately all I feel like doing while I’m taking it is napping and eating chocolate ice cream! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m on Seroquel too. It’s a great med for me. I used to also need Zyprexa to control my psychotic symptoms, but I seem to be doing fine on just Seroquel now. It helps me with mood swings and psychotic symptoms like hallucinations, delusions and paranoid thoughts.


Seroquel has been a blessing and a curse for me. It helps with my psychotic symptoms, but I really hate the side effects.


im with @spacemonkey i like it sometimes and sometimes i dont, It does help me sleep a bit, sometimes it makes me sleep too much. When i first was on it as my main AP i was on max dose and it gave me breathing and swallowing issues as well as horrendous restless legs if i didnt fall asleep before it kicked in. I stopped taking it after a bit, i couldnt take the side effects and sleeping for 3 or 4 days straight thru. I switched Aps then just about 6 months ago i got seroquel re-added to my cocktail as just a secondary AP and sleep aid. I feel it does help with some of my emotional instabilities by hasnt been helping enough with my rapid cycling hypomania ive been dealing with for almost 2 months now, they just doubled my dose and want me to take a morning dose instead of all at night, so ive been sleeping like crazy unless im wired and manic. Now i have max dose invega and am almost back to max dose seroquel as well, Does anybody else take max dose of two different APs at the same time? Also taking AD that helps with my ocd which seems to help but may be adding to my stretches of mania. will discuss with pdoc next mon in appt, My pdoc loves seroquel and says its his go to for any depressive, or emotional dx’s, asa well as his first treatment with psychotic symptoms. It was my first med ever when first dx’d so it really threw me for a loop but i would double my dose every 2 weeks per his orders, i was very psychotic at the time, and i probably would have benefited from a slower more gradual increase so i could adjust to the med properly. I find it a good med however now, but the restless legs i get from it are absolutely horrendous and like one of the worst tortures known to man, i would rather be in pain then to go thru those, i take a benzo with the seroquel to counter the restless legs, and it works most times.


@Reggie, oh so your doc thinks its the best for emotional disorders? cause I am more disabled in my emotions than in my reason. and since a year,my Zyprexa still didn’t do its job to make me a bit happier and with a good mood. I still wait for a lift but I cant handle the antidepressants cause they make me more paranoid. I take small dose of Seroquel, just 25 mg but ill see how it goes. day 10 on it for me. I hope ill just find one day what is to feel good vibes and emotions. not only this pain in my body…
hugs to all of you :kissing_heart:


I was put on Quetiapine 200 mg daily more than a month ago. It’s good for my insomnia. But it doesn’t really work on my positive symptoms, I’m still experiencing paranoid thoughts. Sometimes I do hear voices as well. I’m on Aripiprazole too.


600mg xr for several years here. Has pretty much alleviated all my positive symptoms. Depression has gone away. Drowsiness sucks every morning though. Also I always feel dehydrated.


both of my parents are on seroquel. my mom is on a lower dose around 200mgs and my dad is on 400mgs i think i’ll have to ask him later. my mom takes seroquel for bipolar disorder and it helps with her depression. my dad takes it for schizoaffective disorder and he says he is functioning much better (functioning wasn’t the wording he used something about f-ing great) i noticed he wants to talk more since he has been on it for a few months.


I was tried on Seroquel in 2008, but I wasn’t on it long enough to tell if it was working. I couldn’t sleep on it, unlike most who say it helps with sleep. It was the akathisia; I would be up all night pacing around the apartment, couldn’t stand it.


Seroquel works well for me. I take 100 mg at 7:00 AM, 100 mg at 2:00 PM (this dose is prn. If I exercise I usually don’t need it, and if I don’t exercise I usually need it), and 400 mg at hour of sleep.


i am supposed to start on 50mg tomorrow, but i am terrified of the side effects (mainly because i had alot from abilify - aripiprazole) so can anyone tell me what i should be expecting? to ease my anxiety


Im on seroquel helps me to not stay up all night screaming


Day 10 on it for me. No akathisia for me which is good. I wonder if seroquel helps to regain emotions cause its a big problem for me. Still paranoid too but its better than before. I try to torture less myself now. Anders16, i find it calming. Me too i couldnt handle abilify, i was anxious as hell on it. My illness is too anxious in fact. Seroquel is different i find.


I am not dull and emotionless on seroquel. I feel mostly like myself again once i get some coffee in me and wake up.


But was you emotionless before the meds thomas? Me i was laughing without the feeling of joy, i was crying without the feeling of deep real sadness. Some say aps dont help on emotions, but some think the opposite, is that right?



I need to premise my reply by saying that everyone has unique biochemistry, so how I feel on Seroquel may not necessarily be how you feel on Seroquel and vice versa.

50 mg is a relatively low dose (I take 600 mg), but since you’ve never taken it before you may feel drowsy, less anxious, slightly blurry vision, dry mouth, and an increase in appetite (all of these side effects should decrease over time). Also, I don’t recommend driving or operating heavy machinery (sorry, no bulldozer tomorrow) until you know how Seroquel affects you.

I hope it helps you as much as its helped me.


Good luck @Anna1. i felt that seroquel has to be take slowly and gradually to really allow the medicine and adjustment to it not be a bad experience. I think i was a little rushed because i was so psychotic at the time, and i didnt take any pills ever really, i didnt even take cold medicine because of how it made me feel, to it was a really tough adjustment for me personally. But your starting out at 25mg, i think i started at 150mg so your dose is really just for sleep aid at that current level i believe, but sleep is important with emotional issues, they always do better with regular sleep and a good routine to stay productive.