Seroquel effects


Can anybody share their experience with Seroquel and how effective it is?


Everybody reacts differently to meds. It’s all personal trial and error. Seroquel is a wonder med for some people here but it drove me bananas and nearly killed me as a result.


When I was first dx, I was on Seroquel. I gained over 100 pounds, but it worked.

Several years later, I tried Seroquel again. I wet the bed every night, and stopped taking it.


Thanks guys. What are the weight neutral meds besides geodon?:gift_heart:


It gave me this weird nervous feeling in my fore arm muscles and some sort of nightmare sleep paralysis where I felt like I wanted to get away from myself desperately, after a while it made me too confused and aggressive, I was barely with it and yawning constantly.


Okay. That sounds like restless leg syndrome in your arm. I think I’m just going to have to discuss it with my Dr. She’s new but I don’t see her til next month. They have me on abilify and I think it’s making me restless throughout the day. Like ADHD restless. :gift_heart:


It’s effective with weight gain as side effect


Actually my arms felt very heavy at the same time, I didn’t feel restless. It was like I moved them in slow motion. The feeling in the muscles was like when you hit your funny bone.


I know latuda and invega should be weight neutral. Not losing or gaining atm


For me weight neutral: haldol, and fluphenazine


It made me overweight when I was a teenager they took me off it in the hospital when I weighed over 200 lbs when it was too late


Im only on a fairly low dose of 200mg at night, with the option of being allowed to up it to 400mg by the Psych if i need it. But i find it a bloody God Send. It calms me down and gives me a restful 12 hours of sleep. And ive always had a low BMI, im underweight - so if i put any on its a bonus for me. They took me off it for a while, cos there was concerns about my pancreas - but i insisted i go back on it. That and the Monthly Xeplion Depot is my perfect drug combination that keeps me well.


@rogerrob That’s pretty low, are you on any other AP? Also, does it help with positive symptoms?


I did also gain weight for the first yearish but something changed and I’ve lost all of that plus more (50 lbs). I think it’s starting to affect my blood sugar, waiting to hear results about that. It has been the only thing that makes my suicidal thinking subside but I’ve been needing more and more of it


Cool @rogerrob. I want to be on that combo, right now I’m on the depot. It’s good to see someone on that combo and doing so well!



No, thats all i take. Not on any other AP.My main treatment is the paliperadone jab.I do take the CBD oil. as well :slight_smile: Yes it does help with the positives, i only really hear voices now, if i have the odd joint, or im really stressed out.


Seroquel is weight neutral for me usually, if I gain weight while on it I can get if off pretty quickly.
Best med for me, just amazing.


Inside, you are very fortunate to not have weight gain from Seroquel. I wish I had known that there were alternatives to it. I knew there were different meds, and med types, I honestly didn’t realize that gaining 150 pounds was reason, enough, to change meds.


That’s great, thanks for responding!


How much are you taking, does it help with positive?