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Who is on seroquel here?


in the night yesterday the Seroquel just lifted my jealousy and my anger. do you think it can settle down one day please? cause it can be like for @freakonaleash, a bit manic I mean without the good sides of a treatment. I tortured my mom yesterday in the night on the phone cause I was feeling all the injustice of my state, it wasn’t nice. ok, I am fed up of just being dumb good but to torture people in the night its not a deal either… day 11 for me on Seroquel. i suffer a lot just on my Zyprexa, i would like the srorquel would manage my negative symptoms and not just lift them… do you understand this mechanism guys please?


i am stopping it in fact. after 2 weeks on it. i am more excited on it, more anxious, i think less even more than ever and i feel really hypocondriaque on it. i feel heavy on it so the last days i didn’t do anything, really. its too much. maybe i should continue suffering with my Zyprexa. the toughest in my illness are my fears, my anhedonia of anything. i dont feel pleasure from life since i was 11 or even earlier. i really suffer on this Seroquel and my stomach gets bigger and bigger on it. its too much.
maybe meds are not helping me cause i am really borderline. all my friends know that i am not really delusional. no hallucinations ever for me. just some other rubbish symptoms.
ill open a new post concerning the anhedonia.
take care people :slight_smile:


I take 75mg at night for sleep. Stuff knocks me out. I understand though that some of the drowsiness goes away at higher therapeutic doses.


17 or is is 18 years on Seroquel.

Sedating but I Need that. Mind spins tall tales
And visions of the future.

My sister tried it but slept too much but she has depression so that was a pretty stupid pdoc.

For me it’s still.
The nightcap of Champions.


Seroquel diminished my pos. symptoms especially with zyprexa combo. Destroyed my emotional reactivity. Could not cry at my grandmothers funeral- woman closer to me than just about anyone else. It numbed me and the bad outweighted the good…i took for over a year.


No, I didn’t put on weight with it. I lost 53 lbs. while taking it. I tracked my calories on www.MyFitnessPal.com and drank only plain water and plain black coffee and never drank my calories. And, I exercised every single day. That in a nutshell, is my secret to losing weight and keeping it off. The trick to keeping the weight off is to continue tracking your calories, even after losing the weight, and continue exercising everyday. In other words, change nothing.


I’m gonna ask the doc to give me some for sleep.