Who here uses pets to help cope?

I would probably have killed myself already if I didn’t have my cat as a therapy animal, though I may be more of a therapy animal for her since she’s so clingy to me.


Not at the moment. We used to have fish, birds, rabbits and dogs as our pets but since we moved in to apartment, no pets are allowed.

If you can get a therapist to write you a letter, or in the case of my apartment management fill out a form for them about it, they can’t turn you down for a therapy animal because they’re not considered pets and can’t charge a deposit for it. I think it’s a different story though if the animal is out of control and tears up things.

They would complain the unpleasant odor and dog barking noise.

However, I didn’t know I can request for permission for a therapy animal. Different laws may apply here in South East Asia.

My cat just did his morning ritual, he meaws at me and I pet him and he purrs. It always puts a smile on my face.

I have a cat I have spoiled rotten. I’ve created a real monster, but I love her anyway.

I’d be in a much worse state if it wasn’t for my cat.

Love my kitty to bits, but, if I’m being honest, she is probably using me.


I would be lost without my dog - Hes wonderful :dog::heart:

Cricket, my puppy, has been great for me. I have been able to do things I couldn’t before. When I’m out in public with her, she gets a lot of attention. It makes me feel that everyone is looking at her, not evaluating me. It’s been really good.

And my therapist did write me a letter confirming she is an ESA or Emotional Support Animal. In the US that means a person with an ESA has certain privileges when it comes to housing and traveling by plane.

I love my animals

My friend has 11 dogs and just had puppies when I’m struggling I go de her and dogs always help xxx

My beautiful best friend helps me through the harder nights. She knows when I need a cuddle and sleeps on my bed with me


I’ve always want a dog. I think pet therapy really works. If I ever get one, it will have to be house trained ahead of time. I like German Shepherds.

I found as a teenager having a dog really helped me get through things!

Though with cats you need to worry about toxoplasmosis, which at one point was investigated for potential risk of developing schizophrenia.

Love animals. I feel protected by them being there.

I have my baby Padme, she’s a spoiled rotten brat, who thinks the house revolves around her, but she keeps me grounded. Any tine I get really depressed and think about hurting myself I think of my kitty, what would happen to her if I weren’t around to take care of her? I’m sure my parents would still keep her, but it wouldn’t be fair to them to stick them with her, even though she’s their grand-baby also (probably the closet thing they’ll get to a grand-child from me…they always have my niece if they want a real kid). Still my kitty is my kitty, and my responsibility.

That reminds me, I have to go pick up my blow-up sheep doll tomorrow. It’s been in the shop for two weeks now and I’m getting lonely at night.


we just got a kitten today!! he’s a little nutty like us… a perfect match


Not only do I own Three GSD mixes, I also foster animals for a rescue, I have an average of 100 dogs and cats a year go through my home on their way to a new life, and this service to animals makes me feel like things aren’t so bad, in fact my third dog, Hope (5), is a rescue, she is a GSD Lab Pit mix and an absolute love bug, when I sleep she is under the covers cuddling with me, while my two other dogs, half siblings Luna (7) and Badr, or Little Brother (5) who are GSD Husky Malamute mixes (they have the same father, but different mothers and are 2 years apart) Luna was my first dog who was mine, I got her at 18 with the money from my first job, she was so small and cute, I almost didn’t get her but the people who had picked her out returned her because she wasn’t housebroken…at 8 weeks old…two years later the people we got Luna from called me and said that they had just had a white puppy born, the first in eight generations, and the ‘animal spirits’ said that he was destined to be ours. we picked him up a few months later (we had to save up to get him) and he fit wth our family right away, he is an awesome dog, very laid back. Then two years ago in July the Rescue we foster for asked us to take a momma dog and her 10 puppies. Hope arrived with her pups and they all found homes in just a month. She stayed with us to put on some weight and get spayed. after a year she was finally well enough to be rehomed. Three days after she went to her new home they called us to let us know they couldn’t keep her. She had gone to hide in their bedroom closet and would not come out for anything. The vet said she suffered by Separation Anxiety and Depression. So I kept her and I am so glad I did.

For those who feel they can’t take a dog on long term or who aren’t sure if they can handle a dog at all, please think of fostering, even if only for a week or two, lots of Rescues need foster homes and many allow foster families to adopt the pet they fostered if they ask.