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Who here is on latuda?


Now that I have quit caffeine I feel a difference. I’m on 40mg latuda once at night. I sometimes hear too many voices but don’t mind the drowsiness


That’s all I am taking now AP wise.

I just went up to 60 mg last night from 40 and dropped Geodon.


I think that’s going to happen raising my latuda. You’re talking about latuda right?


Yes. I quit taking Geodon last night and my doctor gave me free samples of 60 and 80 mg of Latuda. So far no hallucinations. I am taking the 60s.

I thought things were going to be much worse than this. No voices or visuals yet.


It takes a while but I think it will help you. Geodon kept me pacing floor. Best wishes though


I take 80mg Latuda :slight_smile:


How’s it treating you?


Good :slight_smile:
Aside from weight gain and somnolence during the first months, it works good for my anxiety especially and my mood.
Clozaril takes care of my psychosis.


I’m scared of clozaril if it ■■■■■ with white blood cells.


It might, but that’s what the weekly blood tests are for.
I love Clozaril—no other antipsychotic worked for me like it.


I take 40 mg latuda