Coming off of Geodon, how is Latuda?

I have been taking Geodon since 2009.

I take 80 mg twice a day. I also take 40 mg of Latuda.

The erectile dysfunction is too much of a problem now. I can’t deal with it anymore. Not to mention all the other side effects.

I don’t see my doctor again until February so I will have to wait a while. I only see him once every six months now. I am pretty stable. Owe that to Geodon but I have to come off it. Hopefully he can see me more often while I dose down.

I have quit it cold turkey before and that’s too much to handle. I want to go down to 60s and then 40s and then 20s before I go off.

I will just dose up the Latuda. Not sure what the maximum dose of that is but I guess I will find out.

How is Latuda by itself for psychosis? I just take it on top of Geodon because it helps with my negatives.

I don’t post much any more but this will be a major change for me.

I still had paranoia on 80-120mg Latuda. Had bad akathisia that prevented me from sleeping. Nausea and sometimes I vomitted the pill.

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Good to see you around @TomCat, been worried about you.


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Hope all is well on this Christmas Eve @TomCat

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Latuda cured my erectile dysfunction, made me manic as hell (my counselor called it extreme anxiety but I’m calling the kettle black.), made me talk endlessly, sleep 4 hours a day (and no more than that) and ended my voices for a few months. It also made me angry as Hell (consider though that the voices existed for 22 years before then and it was like I was leaving prison), made me lonely as crap (imagine never being alone for 2 decades then suddenly hearing nothing), and eventually stopped working (after they put me off and back on it). Dude I must tell you that your experience may be different than mine because no one is truly the same. I have learned to live with my ED on Invega because I have no one to have sex with and prefer to sleep alone. You have a wife and I know that’s affecting your decision making. But if it ain’t otherwise broke don’t fix it. You can always use artificial forms of sexual enhancement. I hope things work out for you.

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I talked to my psychiatrist today. He lowered the Geodon to 60 mg twice a day from 80. And he raised my Latuda from 40 to 60 mg. He says we will talk again in two months.

This is going to be a slow transition. I was hoping to come off sooner than that.

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