Who here is in remission/recovered?

I have been recovered since last fall and in remission since last summer, save for one 3 day trip to hell when I tried Latuda instead of Geodon. I am making straight A’s in the honors program at my university, majoring in psychology, concentrating in behavioral neuroscience. I am also a powerlifter now, I am pretty solid at it, but I wont be competing until the fall because I am young and full of potential and already pretty good, with a few more months of training I might make Master rank on my deadlift and squat (I have short legs, natural advantage for these two lifts). But anyways, enough about me, I still take multiple meds every day and all of that fun stuff, I just want to know who else on these forums is recovered/symptom free/close to symptom free?

I am asking because I think there has been an influx of depressing posts about delusions lately and I just dont wanna hear that ■■■■, we have all been there and I think we shouldnt shine light on how sick we are. In my opinion, if you are delusional, tell your doctor, dont show and tell like you’re in first grade.

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Right on, mortimermouse. I have tried to have productive discussions here about recovery or other positive things. Unfortunately, the prevailing mindset here is one to ignore the positive posts, and instead engage in back-slapping and a competition to see who’s crazier.


Lol yup. I thought this was a support forum, it’s not showing all that much support, mostly just symptomatic nonsensical posts. I mean there are some supportive posters, but there has been an influx of bored symptomatic people on here lately and its making me not even wanna visit. We have all been there and done that, and frankly I don’t wanna hear about people who are still doing it and relishing it.

It takes willpower to overcome schizophrenia, and I just see people giving up. Mouse does not approve.

I have noticed a large amount of postings under the Delusions category lately.

Personally, I don’t like talking about my delusions, or reading about other’s delusions. But that’s why the Delusions category was created–to help those suffering from delusions find support.

That’s the reason this whole forum was created. To help people find support. If you don’t need support, or don’t want to hear about certain topics, simply don’t read them. I do a ton of ignoring on this site.

That’s what’s so great about it here: you can find support for the things you need and not worry about whatever you don’t need.




I see your point, but I just see a “who is crazier?” contest going on, if that’s what support means to some people, OK, but to me its unhealthy to focus on the negative.

I just think that before the delusions category, this site was much more intelligent and positive. Now I have to scroll for a while to spot the like-minded people’s posts.

I think what I really mean to say is that there are symptomatic people on here who enjoy being that way, and that’s not the right attitude, in fact it’s ass-backwards.

I don’t ENJOY being symptomatic. I work my butt off the best I can to check myself and live firmly in lucid town.

But sometimes despite all my best efforts some sneaky brained thinking makes it’s way into the head circus.

I do read through the delusion section and when I see something similar to what I’m thinking or feeling or believing, I can start to work on getting that idea untangled from my usual though process.

For some people I don’t think they enjoy being symptomatic, just like my Sz group, they really don’t know how to be anything else. When they meet the ones who are further along in remission, like I did, then they try to pull themselves up too.

I didn’t think of college until I started reading about 77nick77 because none of the guys in my group go to school. Or at the time they didn’t.

It all has it’s place. I don’t have to wallow in the fertilizer to understand it can be helpful in small quantities.


James I regard you as one of the most inspiring people on this forum, you have your head on straighter than you give yourself credit for, and you’re one of the reasons I still visit the forums, I search for your posts. You aren’t the type of poster I was talking about, Im not gonna name names.

I mean come on though, some people know that they should keep their delusions to themselves. I used to be completely insane, legally insane in fact, and I knew better than to post about my delusions and wait for likes. You don’t post about delusions in the “LOOK AT MY CRAZY POWER LEVEL” sense, you are constructive and positive and regard them as “the head circus” and nothing more.

i think both of u r showing arrogance and a complete disregard for others who r not as recovered as u r. nobody enjoys being delusional. it just is and i’m quite sure that if i had delusions i would need the support of others who had been there. if u don’t like reading them then scroll on. this is not a site for the purely recovered. it’s a site for everyone who suffers and it is not up to u to say who should post what. many people r still suffering and tell of their delusions to get support from others that may be in the same boat or have been through it/ not so long ago i helped out a friend who was highly delusional. he got through it bcoz he had support. it’s that simple. others not so fortunate as urselves need help. why is that so wrong?


I thought this was a forum where people could post freely about how they are doing whether doing well or not,so long as not attacking/offensive to others, without being subjected to others demanding they post the ‘right’ kind of stuff.
I think some people need to show more empathy and understanding and rein in the control freak mentality.


…aaaaaand out come the reactionary apologists.

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Is this a new kind of mental health forum where people are not allowed to be mentally ill?
Personally i think the unempathetic and reactionary attitudes shown by some here indicate they are not doing as well as they think they are.


Because if there’s one person we can all look to as the epitome of recovery, it’s you, firemonkey, right?

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I have always stated how things are with me honestly and openly and have made no claims of recovery However you don’t have to know how to fix your car to know there’s a problem with someone else’s car.
This is supposed to be a supportive environment not one where people are dictated to as to making the ‘right kind’ of posts.


If i see a post that resonates with me, i read it, not always responding. If i have ever posted something that made someone upset posting about my paranoia like recently. I’m sorry. I don’t consider myself all the way recovered. I still have symptoms from time to time. I haven’t heard voices in about 6 weeks, but i still have some paranoia.

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You shouldn’t have to apologize for experiencing schizophrenic symptoms and posting about them on a schizophrenic support site. You are as good and equal as anybody else.


Here are a few of my thoughts.

There have been a large number of depressing and delusional posts lately. I haven’t been visiting the forum as much since I’ve been off playing Elder Scrolls Online. When I do visit the forum, if I see something very lame, I just don’t read it.

As far as the delusion forum goes, the vast majority of people don’t post there. Their posts are moved there by the mods to keep the other forums clear. Once a post hits that forum I tend to ignore it and move on.

A lot of posters seem to think that if one person is doing well then that means it’s a slam against them if they’re not. Everyone should be welcome here. That includes people who are doing well. It’s actually more important to support people who are doing well, I think it is more effective.

Last comment, please be civil and supportive. If you disagree with something, don’t read it. No need to fight. That can apply to everyone.


There is absolutely no need to apologize for your symptoms. This is a schizophrenia site, not an exclusive recovery site. When I am not doing so well I post about it, many of the recovered people on here have supported me, i appreciate their help


I think you make a very valid point here. In my opinion the ability to show compassion and empathy is a good thing.

I hesitate to do this but:

I humbly disagree. Everyone deserves equal support.


This comment might seem like I’m throwing out a domino in the middle of a card game, but my therapist gives me gold stars and measures my progress by how much I’m living outside of my head and extending myself to others.

She calls it, “not living in a vacuum of the self”

I could would walk around being completely absorbed with the self and only enjoying the self, and only valuing the self. But she says that’s not how people make healthy connections to others.

How would I ever make a good parent if I can’t look past myself. Or have an honest relationship if I am all about the self.

There comes a time even in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs where you get over the self and become connected to the world around you. Not just thinking that the world is there to serve you… that is what dictators think.

No, more like you and the world serve each other. Very buddhist.

It’s that circle that brings about a better self actualization and more success in the long run. It’s both in buddhism and in “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs”