People, Places, and Things

I’ve been diagnosed for almost 30 years now. I’ve been a member of this site for over a decade. It has only been the past few years however that I have really tried to follow a path of recovery. I think I’m doing well.

While this site is a place for schizophrenics to congregate, I do not feel that it is a place devoted to recovery from the illness. There are too many people here who either do not want to recover or are too afraid to recover. Anti-recovery attitudes are rampant. The negative atmosphere here is almost palpable.

The administration of the site seems to have lost focus. What once was a strong support of the biomedical model has weakened into virtual non-existence.

In AA they speak of People, Places, and Things. I think this applies to recovery from mental illness as well. One must abandon those people, places and things that hamper one’s recovery. One must turn away from the negative and embrace positive, meaningful, recovery techniques.

I no longer feel that this place is a positive influence on my recovery. It is time to cut away that which drags me down.

Now I do feel the need to acknowledge the few who are good examples of people seeking recovery, and who try their best to support each other in sound, reality based ways. You know who you are. Remember always that your recovery is paramount, if something drags you down then eliminate it from your life.


I’m never sure what ‘recovery’ is, definitions are so abstract and individualistic.
However one conservative definition i have seen is What does ‘recovery’ mean?
DR. MANSCHRECK: Researchers at the UCLA
Neuropsychiatric Institute, including
Robert Liberman and Alex Kopelowicz,
proposed a definition of schizophrenia
recovery that includes sustaining 4 benchmarks
for a least 2 consecutive years:
• working or going to school full- or


• living independently without the need
for supervision

Partially true. I live independently but currently get support from the rehab team.

• not depending entirely on disability
insurance for financial support

Not true

• sharing activities with friends on a regular basis

No friends but i do attend a group once a week most weeks…

By these criteria i’m not ‘recovered’ and i wonder who would be here. It may be for some of us the best we can hope for is moving in the right direction rather than an end destination of ‘recovery’.

I hope you change your mind and stay and if not you find somewhere that suits you.

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i do work - but i can’t work in a normal environment.
if i lived independently i would last about a year.
i have just signed up for disability.
i have no friends in the physical form.

so i seem to be not recovering , wow, i thought i was doing so well !!
back to working on my space ship and traveling to another universe !
take care

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it would be a shame if you leave, but good wishes if you decide to.
take care

I kind of know what you mean, Malvok. This site does have lots of people who don’t really have the desire to get well. However, there are some who do well for themselves and don’t pity themselves and instead do their best in life, so I stick around for them. I basically ignore anything that isnt related to insight or quality of life on this forum, but I do give my opinions on challenges that some of us face, which I consider to fall into the category of recovery.

I really can’t stand the anti-psychiatry and people who just post about delusions like they have some sort of grounding in reality…like ■■■■■■■■ about telepathy and other symptoms, but not addressing them as symptoms! I can see why you have called it quits.

I’ve been in recovery since 2002. I remember my illness back then, was way different than it is now. Recovery is a attitude and sometimes you need high standards to stay in a recovery state. Distractions can be bad during recovery. Alcohol, drugs, people that lead you astray. My recovery has been a lonely thing. I cut out many buddies. Who were for negative things anyway. I no longer do those things I am a new person. I’ll tell ya its been a positive thing. I look at life through the eyes of recovery. I realized I’m not in recovery no more. I’m in a homeostasis. However I keep on mastering symptoms. To try and react better around people and them to me.

I don’t have symptoms no more. But I know its because the AP. I just suffer from the basics of life. And try not to go mad. Many triggers even the people who cause them I must learn to not become affected. Frustration and not being content, finding people, places, and things. Everything is going to be alright, if you made it and can say you have recovered. There is not much bad from there on out that can happen to you. Because you have grown wise and take care of the illness that will always keep you in recovery. Because without it, things can be magnitudes worse. So maintain the proper attitude towards SZ. And positive things can happen to you. Farewell.

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I am sorry that you are leaving. I do not post much on this site because there are too many people crowded here which is a bit scary to me. But I’d like you to know that I tried my best to get a recovery or at least get controlled under the smallest dosage of med. I take 200 mg Amisulpride everyday. One morning one night. I feel good about this medication: less cognitive impairment, less weight gain with a little bit morning sedation. I am trying Sahajia Yoga meditation now. Sahajia Yoga is free of charge in every country.

I hope you stay on this site and keep us informed how you cope with the illness.

I honestly believe that people afflicted with schizophrenia do not recover. They can do well or get better or are stable, but recovery to me is what drug addicts or alcoholics do. Recovery is more of a permanent ongoing condition - its more steady. Schizophrenia is a fluctuating illness that paints more of a chronic picture- Stress will set us back in a flash, it can destabilize us and set us backwards and again we are not doing so well.
When one is doing better or is more stable, we should not put blame on the environment - we should look into the reflection and see what is happening with us. Many schizophrenics that are doing well sometimes feel insecure in their “recovery” this is more reason for them to face and confront the situation at hand. Pick and choose is what I say - face the delusional and distorted chit chat, knowing you are stronger than you think or know. Have faith in your stability, in your meds, in your therapy. But if you cannot take the heat and things are getting tougher and you are doubting your own security - do what you need to do
I just wanted to add that you are an intelligent and valued member on this site - You have contributed many helpful and insightful posts in the past


Some people on this site, I can relate with and acknowledge their delusions, and psychosis. Because I went through it myself. How long after your illness did you become totally med compliant? It takes time varying amounts for each individual with SZ to learn recovery. And unfortunately some will never get it.

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My problem with recovery is that other people’s definitions don’t match my own.

Is it to become like the rest of the world and do poorly what others do well, and lose my sense of value I have found along the way by my natural inclinations as - a schizophrenic?

I’ve read of other s who did that. Decided to do what they told them to do. And lost their feeling of worth as a human being. Lost their soul.

Sorry I couldn’t have been good for you, perhaps one day?

i don’t think u should leave malvok. u r the voice of reason in a sometime psychotic place. people have their beliefs as u have urs. only difference is, u got lucky and found a med that works, others, including myself r not so lucky however many meds we try. u need to b here to help others achieve the same level of recovery that u have. u r a leading light in other peoples darkest moments so why not continue to b their inspiration? if u don’t have the patience, i understand but u were once like them and hopefully u got support when u were unsure of ur reality so y not do the same for others? it would b a shame if u left but if that’s what u want to do then i understand. good luck with ur life xxx


I don’t often get to converse with you because I hover in the family section. But I do read your post and I do like them. You are one of the ones who help maintain balance to the forum. I understand that people must move on when they feel they have nothing left to gain. If you are moving on, I just wanted to say Thank you for your insight and time and knowledge.

Echoing kidsister, thank you for your insight and time and knowledge. I know there has been a tremendous change in you and wish you well in the future.

well i am glad that you liked what i said in the ouijja board thread, that was a ridiculous thread, almost farcical (no offence) dabbling in things like that that promote fear and exacerbate symptoms in my mind is very self destructive and should be prohibited, its just wrong.

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this is a thread in itself, i would post on this if it was a proper thread instead of a reply x