How do you feel when...?

How do you feel when you read posts on this forum that are obviously delusional? Or when people clearly not trying to recover post about their drug use, their hatred of psych meds and their distrust of psychiatrists? Or when people go on and on about their past psychotic beliefs, actions, and behavior like they’re reciting old drinking stories?

Does it promote a negative view of the rest of us who are trying to recover?

How would you feel if someone you knew was reading this forum? Your family, your employer, your friends?

I know not everyone is at the same point in recovery. I know that not everyone is even trying to recover. This post isn’t intended as an insult towards anyone.

I am just interested in how people who have recovered, or are working towards recovery, feel about these kinds of posts and if they feel these posts are a reflection on them.

I accept everything.
If that is not porn or obvious spam.

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I know that people just want to talk about things whether it be their symptoms or things that they do
and usually i would try and be supportive but also offer alternatives that i think would be helpful and discourage things that i would think was a risk.

i think people are just looking for someone to relate too, sharing old stories is a way of getting to know a person better and their struggles with their mental health, i wouldn’t compare telling these stories with someone in a bar losing their inhibitions.


I like your opinion. well explained.

My kid sis was on this sight before I was. She haunted the Family/ Sibling section of the old forum for months before she showed this site to me. So she is on here. We made a deal not to comment on each others post and she will let me know ahead of time what she’s going to mention.

My Dad does read this. But he knows what I’ve been through, I’m pretty open with my Dad. I’ve accidently scared him a bit when I mentioned my 17 year old kid sis having a monster crush on a 67 year old glass blowing artist. But other then that… he knows.

But my delusions, my past mistakes, my stupid moves… he knows. He’s been there with me and he knows. Sometime writing this stuff out now, as long as I can stop myself a bit and not get too out there… well it sort of reaffirms that the scattered pieces of my memory are starting to try and glue back together.

When my Dad reads something here and says… yep, that’s how I remember it… huge sigh of relief for me.

When I was getting paranoid and staring to slip a few months ago… my dad sort of saw it in print here and so when the call came that I was going into full blown psychosis, he was ready. He knew and wasn’t surprised.

There are a few on here that I do tend to have a hard time reading. But if it hurts my head, or starts to make me really sad… I stop and go the post of people I tend to identify with. I can’t read everyone. So I do try, but some I just have to move on.

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Are people only supposed to post here when well or well into recovery or is this a forum for all with experience of schizophrenia or related disorders?
That having been said there was a forum specifically for delusions on the old board and perhaps there needs to be one created here sooner rather than later.


My post isn’t a condemnation of those posters. If you had read my original post thoroughly you’d see that.

I am simply curious how people in recovery feel about these kinds of posts and if they feel they are a reflection on themselves.

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I get negative in posts. I feel it’s ok to. “Sharing a joy is twice the joy, sharing a sorrow is half the sorrow.”


I’m on the outside looking in and I have not been a member of this community for a long time. Several times I have gone over the posting guidelines and other then discussions about religion being discouraged and not posting while under the influence I can’t find anything stating that a person needs to be in remission. From my point of view this is a place for anyone whose life is being impacted to have a safe place to discuss what they are going through. To ask questions and compare experiences, to not feel alone. I have not seen anything stating that one needs to be for or against psychiatry. I see phrases like respect and compassion, The Golden Rule and suggestion, not criticism. I see nothing stating that if you are experiencing positive symptoms then limit your posts. It is a schizophrenia forum.

As I said I have not been a member of this community for long but it should be safe haven for all not just those in remission. There is nothing stating that every post needs to be read. The title of the thread is usually a pretty good indication of what you will find when you read it. If it’s not of interest then pass it by.

Just my thoughts :smile:


I’m not sure how many times I’ll need to repeat this but this thread is not one telling people how or what to post. It is not a condemnation of people who make those posts.

It is only a series of questions for people in recovery. I wish people would actually read my original post.

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In an earnest attempt to answer how I feel when I read some of the post:
I 100% can not identify with some of the more religious postings. It’s like a foreign language to me. I sit in pure bafflement. My family is not religious and the only religious context I’ve ever been exposed to is the religious/ historical bent of art history. (since my Dad is an art teacher)

The drug postings make me cringe a bit I’ll admit because I was there too. But I’m not there now. So when someone is new and writing… hey… I’m on pot and on and on… I think they are posting because they know they need to stop it. They can feel that inner bell going off and that is why they are posting it. So I’ll do try to start a conversation with them.

If it is delusions and false memories… I can’t say we’ve all been there. But I sure have. I like it when a poster says… here’s what I used to think and believe and behave and here’s how I snapped out of it. I like having more ideas on how to combat this.

Yes, it makes me cringe to think of all the stuff I’ve done sometimes, with my kid sis literally handcuffed to my jeans. But it is what it is. I’m not there now. I have more ideas on how to combat this.


I don’t see it that way although i accept others might. I am not delusional but then again i hesitate to classify myself as ‘in recovery’. I’d classify myself as a ‘work in continual progress’
Perhaps i’m not as acutely symptomatic as i used to be but have chronic problems especially on the social front .


One members postings would not affect my opinion of another member. I would not consider it a reflection of everyone else only a reflection of where they are at while posting.

Oh, I know what you mean. Yes, I do feel a set back sometimes when I’m having a good day and I read a post that is having a bad day. But, hey, get stronger. This is what friends are for.


i have had problems throughout the years with delusions and when i have been sick i have tried to seek some solace from people especially on the old forum,

i would like to think that the support i have been shown while going through this period was beneficial to me and also later on i might bring it up in a conversation with someone else talking about their delusions so that we can relate with each other,

we have all been there, in that place, it did actually happen even though it was a symptom of sz,

same with medication, we all have struggled to take our meds at some point and people do fall off of the schizophrenic wagon sometimes and we need people who have first hand experience of these situations who can relate to try and give some support and guidance to help them get better again.

it’s the same for everyone here i think, no-one wants to take meds and that is the truth but we need to take them or we get unwell, its like a catch 22 or something we cant live with them and we cant live without, i would much rather not take meds but i know i need to take them to maintain my stability, i recently forgot to take my meds regularly and this is very common for people like us,

and we need to be there for people like that

there is also the psychiatrists or (p/doc), lots of people like us have to see one and i know that i have had more than a few run in’s with some of mine, its not uncommon to be upset with them especially due to the fact that we can sometimes be paranoid and have symptoms while seeing them, lots of people with mental illness dont get along with their p/doc all the time.


To those who actually read my post and answered some of the questions, thank you.


I would LOVE to not take meds. Think of never going to the pdoc again and rehashing side effects or just the sheer amount of time and money it take to get the meds… Oh how i would love to not be on meds. But it’s not an option for me at this time.

The only reason I’m smiling at this is because there are some people without mental illness who hate p/docs too. There was one that my parents hated and would actually find a way to try and never let me see him again. I was too out of it at the time to know why. I never asked. But they would get really 100 tons of NO, emphatic if this one doc was on rotation when I had to be seen.


I mean this is a site designed for those living with schizophrenia and their supporters - Delusions, hallucinations, drug use, distorted thinking are real concerns and matters that people living with schizophrenia sometimes experience.
I expect this kind of talk to be happening here. I dont think we should avoid or tip toe around real issues or beliefs people are experiencing. We can choose to ignore - not answer when necessary. But this is a site for those living with SZ - take in the good with the negative. I do think that a Delusional Hallucinations Belief section might be a good solution


I like to read most of the threads as I feel I need to relate to people here on this forum. I am also someone who have talked about my past delusions. If there is not going to be a special section for delusions and hallucinations etc I feel that everyone using this site can filter the threads for himself and engage in the conversations they relate to or enjoy. There are posts I do not enjoy reading and that is normally the ones where people lash out against each other. Other than that…I’m still new to this forum and I’m still enjoying it.


I used to be pretty delusional. I think that these posts are made my people who have only just begun to gain insight into their condition; obviously they realize that they have schizophrenia or they wouldnt be on this site. The problem is that some people ENJOY schizophrenia too much to really see it as a completely negative thing that needs to be removed from the brain (that is what I believe, there is nothing good about it, thinking that there is something good about it is a symptom of having it)

I think some people here are simply not motivated to get 100% back to functioning normally. I even went to a big party until 1am last night, but I was on my meds and didnt drink and therefore I was A-OK, I met some interesting people and enjoyed it. That is something I would never have done if it werent for my motivation to recover. I maybe could have gone if I was drinking and didnt drive there if I had tried to do something like that a year ago.

I do get a little miffed at some of the blatant nonsensical delusion posts. I mean come on, this is a support forum, not a Shared Psychotic Disorder forum (that is a real type of psychosis in the DSM). But I remind myself that some people are simply at that level and I can’t say that it is their fault.

But given that we all acknowledge that we have schizophrenia by making an account on this site, I think everyone should keep in mind that this is a support forum meant to encourage recovery, not a place to share your psychosis and preach anti-psychiatry.

Even though I am now symptom-free, I remember having a brain that just didnt make sense. I feel sorry for people who are highly symptomatic because there was a time when I was just like that, and I will never get close to forgetting what I have survived.