Are you guys cool with this?

I’ve been coming to this forum for years but i was more symptomatic on the previous software years ago,

I was wondering if its ok to post my good things that happen now that i am stable and doing well,

I am hoping that people see what i am doing and it inspires them or something.

I do worry that people will read my positive posts and it makes them feel even worse but that is not how i intended my posts to be perceived,

what do you think? i realise people need support and i do try to offer support when i can but i just dont know, what do you think of happy, positive posts?


I think positive posts are always welcome. It’s good that you’re doing good and people need to know it’s possible to have good days, too.


I think it’s inspiring n gives hope



my worst fear is someone reads my posts and it makes them feel worse

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Well, honestly, you shouldn’t be disallowed to post your positives just because someone else isn’t doing so well. At the end of the day, everyone reads the same title and decides whether or not to click it based on that title. Like the weight loss thread. They shouldn’t be banned from talking about their weight loss success because someone else can’t lose weight. As long as you don’t go into people’s struggle threads and brag about how you’re doing so much better than them, I think you’re fine. This is a support forum, after all, and sometimes, supporting someone simply means congratulating them on their success.


Not that im complaining, but i sometimes have to take breaks from this forum because its a tad negative. Still an amazing forum with amazing people. But anyway, positive posts should be interpreted as encouraging and hopeful. So i say go for it.

Edit: like peoples are saying, we need to atleast have the option of reading posts of success. Its hard to find recovery stories online to read about so the more the better. Recovery is possible for most us and as schizophrenics most of us will require support and encouragement when were doing well just as much as when were not.

Its not exactly healthy to read posts that are 100% ■■■■ hitting the fan.


Certainly. A few positive words can help decorate the forum. A tulip here. A cat there. It’s your world boss. But seriously. I encourage you to tell of your struggles and then top them off with how well you are doing now. Cheers!



We love positive posts. The school and work category and health and recovery category are specifically for those kinds of posts.


I’m always cool.

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I’m always spouting off about my recovery. I think it’s the coolest thing ever. I often wonder if I’m rubbing it in other people’s faces, but that’s not the intent, I just want to let people know that it’s possible to make a large partial recovery from the disorder.


Your positive posts are welcomed… I am so cool with this.

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I think the positive posts on here show that people can get along just fine with sz and they should not let it hold them back.

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I find your post helpful in making feel like there is a hope once I get stable. Please keep posting them.

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I think it’s a good thing, I know for myself positive posts can make it easier, it helps me to keep hope that things can change with this disease

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Yeah post positive things. It won’t make me feel hopeless, I’m over that. It’s good to hear others can do really good

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I agree with the others. Positive posts are very welcome!

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thanks guys, i think through the years i got support but always loved the positive posts and it must have stuck and made me want to recover even more, i cant just say my better mental health is all down to meds, its bc of you guys too and my faith, you guys are the best.

when i come on here i like to try and do things to have something better to tell you guys here, its not about me though, i have got help from this forum and i want to help others feel better here too bc i have been helped which will help them and me and we can all help each other, give each other hope,

i firmly believe that we can improve no matter how bad we think we are.

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A lot of that goes for me too. I find it a privilege to help someone here any way I can or inspire someone, or give hope. I was severely, severely ill and I feel that everything after age 23 for me is a bonus that I least expected. In AA they are fond of saying, “You can’t keep what you got unless you give it away.” And that’s what I am kind of doing here.

Did I mention suicide? I’ve felt suicidal a million times over the past 38 years. I never attempted and even better I never succeeded, lol. I guess that doesn’t make sense but it’s funny in a grim kind of way.


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