Who here has been raped/sexually assaulted?

Some people are having trouble understanding what a serious problem rape is in our global culture, so I thought a bunch of personal connections to rape victims might help them understand. Feel free to not reply if you don’t feel like discussing this with strangers on the Internet.

I, personally, have been raped twice, and repeatedly molested from ages 14-17.

I was sexually assaulted at age 4.

I didnt tell my family until 13 years later. They barely seemed to care …

Maybe a poll would get a better response?

Anyway, yes, when I was 12.

Ahh probably. I don’t know how to make a poll.

so sorry people that all happened to you…
@Flameborn …your familys reaction totally sucks…sorry. :heart:
@cj9556 …sorry that happened :heart:
@Rhubot…sorry that happened :heart:
take care :alien:

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Another member asked this question earlier this year. A lot of members here have experienced rape and sexual trauma.

Thank you for your awareness. A Big Thanks to you for being able to Speak Up. Why do some people overlook the violent act of rape? What kind of comfort are some people aiming for when they shun the action of violence and target victims with the word ■■■■?

I am grieved it happened to you and others.

I was molested from 6 to 9 by someone other than my father. I was raped at 12, 13 and thru my teens as a homeless teen. As an adult I have been raped. At 13, I was homeless. An elderly woman was being yelled at and threatened by a man. I stepped in. He laughed and raped me. When he was done, he tried to attack her again. I stepped in. He laughed and raped me again. I weigh 105 pounds, then and now, I could not overtake him as the Ann Coulter types say I should have. I have been raped by gun point. Neither drugs or drink were in my system when each rape occurred. As a homeless teen and a wandering adult, it was gruesome. I have nightmares monthly about being raped.

I have had males friends share with me how they were raped.

Michelle Knight’s story is remarkable. She really is embracing her opportunities—and she was raped and tortured. Katie Hnida’s story is powerful.

For me, I try to find places to support that offer safety to runaways and homeless teens. I want to be a part of a group that prevents them from being raped. And if they are, be able to give them the best comfort possible. (And there is also the issue of sex slavery and the issue of rape in African wars.)

Many men who rape continue to rape.


I am a male. When I was four years old an eighteen year old male molested me. As it turned out, my dad was a pediphile too. He could not control his appetite for little boys. He never molested me sexually, but he also couldn’t leave me and my older brother alone. He was always overwhelmingly, loathsomely affectionate. Anyway, be that as it may, into every life some rain must fall, but now, all these sick perverts are trying to coerce me into having sexual relationships with older men that I absolutely do not want. One time I spent five hours a day for ninety days in a jail cell pacing back and forth and saying “I’m gonna fry your dick and make you eat it!” Doesn’t that tell you something? But these sick perverts won’t quit! Whatever it takes to make them stop I am going to do it!

Even if an individual is under the influence, no means no. That No is a direct sober reaction and the rapist knows it.

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Just read a long journal article about this about two weeks ago. What you say is correct. Some of the men in the large incarceration population who were interviewed admitted to dozens, scores and even hundreds of rapes… naming names so that verifications could be obtained from complaints or arrest records. The vast majority were never reported.

Thank you to everyone for having the courage to share your stories. For my story, when I was 9 my brother raped my little sister who was 4, and when I turned 14, he let his friends into my room while I was asleep. I don’t know all that went on, because I only woke up a few times, and after awhile I began to have trouble distinguishing nightmares from reality. I was told by them that all guys were this way and if I didn’t want the attention I should stop dressing so slutty.

In response, I chopped all my hair off and dressed in baggy men’s clothes. It didn’t stop though, not until he moved out and I stopped having nightly visits. But after he moved out I started coming out of my haze and even made some friends. I never chose to have sex though. It just seemed gross and wrong and I couldn’t understand the appeal.

When I was 23, I was living on my own for the first time. I went out to a bar, and ordered one beer after a tough evening

at work. I made the mistake of going to the bathroom, and then coming back to finish that one beer. I remember it hit me a lot harder than I was expecting it to. Then this guy told me I was too drunk to drive and nobly offered to drive me home. I remember flashes of him walking me to my door and being in my room for some reason. I woke up with my pants around my ankles in a puddle of vomit.

I refused to admit what happened for a year. I had a major psychotic break and wasn’t able to stop throwing up the entire time. I lost my job and apartment and began living in my car. Luckily, I found the social networking site Couchsurfing, and I found places to stay with nice people until I inherited a little bit of money. I put that money into finally getting treatment and therapy, and slowly I was able to rebuild my life.

After that, I figured if my virginity was taken from me without my consent, I may as well see what all the fuss was about, so I slept with a friend of mine from grade school. It was really unpleasant, so I thought maybe I was gay. I tried having sex with a girl and that was also unpleasant. Then I thought I was asexual. It never occurred to me that I was just traumatized.

Then, one night at a party, after I had gone to bed, the friend I had sex with came into my room and started trying to have sex with me. I said no like five times, but in the end I just gave in because he wouldn’t leave me alone. I’m still not sure if this counted as rape or not.

My story isn’t as bad as others. I made some unsafe decisions, and for a long time, I blamed myself for what happened. But then for the first time I met guys who were actually decent, and would never think to take advantage of a woman who was anything less than fully enthusiastic. I slowly realized that not everyone is like my brother and his friends, and that, under the right circumstances, sex can be enjoyable. It took a lot of work to get to that point, and I am pretty sure it is only enjoyable with my fiancé. I think I would hate sex with literally anyone else.

Met woman introducing around her sex abuser to new women so she would not have to handle him any more. She introduced us right away to him. Was lady I met from work and doing this to several other coworkers. She scared the women bad and let him have them to do whatever he could force. Her abuser has bothered some for decades. Cops say it’s legal to introduce around an abuser even if he harmed others. This is LONG RUNNING scam in my city but people still harass the victims anyway because some do end up on mental care if they went into pdoc for insomnia, anxiety or nervous breakdown help.

This kind of group has some obvious signs of trouble so you know if you ran into the wrong people.

  1. Brags about illegal stuff or talks about getting someone hurt
  2. Talks about Jesus in off manner.
  3. Tells you two versions of something, contradicting himself/herself within a couple minutes.

Excuse yourself quietly and leave. If you are on a trip with this person, keep quiet about anything off and you will probably get through the trip okay.

Woman’s scam caused PTSD amensia in some women who lived alone so some on this forum may recognize this as psychosis can result. If you met this, if you just quit talking to them without anything confrontational, you may have some relief from your psychosis symptoms if you don’t discuss this much.

Cops here won’t do anything about this scam. They just let this family of wealthy sex abusers run around doing anything they want without any need to work…

Anyone interested in a PROFILE of the typical serial rapist? It’s available.

Yes please. I think I know the profile pretty well by now, but I apparently need to learn the early warning signs.

Off manner, you mean like this?


I was raped when I was 3 repeatedly until I was 7 by a family member and then raped again, I was jumped at a park when I was 17.

Sorry to hear that, Ive never been raped as a can defend myself, but when I was young I was almost by my cousin. My aunt saved me when she had me sleep in her room. I did not realize until many years later.

When I was homeless many gay guys would try to take advantage and honk or drive by and tell me to get in there car. They saw me as a young easy target because I was homeless. guess they would get it often from others because that was no rare incidence. I would always say, "I’m not gay go somewhere else, or back the ■■■■ up unless you want to get fisted in the face ". I had the idea of robbing one of the people trying to pick me up but I didn’t have the “cajones” or the heart at the time to go through it all though I could have easily done it.


It makes me so sad to read what happens to,people…

Ya, when people see you at the bottom of the barrel, they think they can throw money at you and make you do jumping jacks. Some people will, but not me.

Unless its a fine woman that is cool and everything . :heart_eyes: