What is up with men?

So I downloaded another app. It’s called Happn. Basically it shows you a bunch of people who passed you on the street and if you like them you press the like button… They won’t find out until they press the like button too and it’s mutual. So I liked a guy there, it was mutual (i don’t actually remember seeing him) and then searched him on Google (no, i was not stalking I was curious). He posted porn pictures of himself and got banned from youtube. His account was blocked. So I blocked him.


Ew. Some people just think the whole world wants to see their genitals.


To be truthful, I almost wanted to meet him despite that. I am scared to hug even my mother but I want that with the right person.

So you are looking for guy’s? What do expect?

I don’t want someone who posts pictures of his privates on youtube.


Oh you want a surprise! ???

Sometimes I wonder… Am I a lesbian?


OK Cupid worked great for me. I just posted that I was really slow-moving and skittish around men, and it would probably be months before I even held hands. I only got like three responses, but one of them was my now fiancé. Just be honest and don’t use a dating app that is based just on how a person looks. If you’re afraid of physical contact, you won’t meet the right people there. Go with one that asks tons of personality questions and matches your answers with other people.


well if social media with its realism …I don’t know …isn’t that what you were looking for?

To be frank I don’t know what I am looking for. Maybe I am not made for relationships. Maybe I have a shitty personality to go with my shitty looks.

Women are no better when it comes to these dating sites unfortunately - not talking about you @Ish.
Got to be careful.

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You would know if you wanted to do that. Nothing is stopping you though.

I have a theory that all women are at least a little bit gay. Have you ever felt inclined to try dating a girl? I identified a lesbian for a while, then asexual. And now I consider myself like 80% gay but with one notable exception. Whenever a good-looking person on the street catches my eye, it is always a girl. Who do you notice more?

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Well I appreciate your honesty. I didn’t realise I was whining. I won’t do it anymore.

I am sorry mam I was just talking off the lip,I didn’t mean to offend.

Don’t listen to him. He is being mean, and probably has a level of resentment for all women. It is sadly pretty common here. There is nothing wrong with asking for support. You are on a support forum.

Or a new place for chicks to find new guys.

I’m not even sure what that is supposed to mean.

we’re not all like that :frowning:

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I saw your picture, you’re very beautiful, cute and exotic. Maybe you need to accept and learn to love yourself before jumping in a relationship. :imp: