Who here has a clean criminal record?

I have a clean criminal record.


Now that over 10 yrs has passed mines clean,I had 3 DUI’s when I was a kid.

No criminal record. Clean driver’s abstract. Clean insurance record. Clean underwear!



I surprisingly have no felonys or misdameanors, but had my fair share of fun.

I committed a felony about 3 or 4 days a week for four years but I never got caught. So I have a clean police record.

Me too, I like to write on things, but don’t tell anyone

I occasionally go into stores and glue Googley Eyes on product packaging using ‘FunTac’. Tremendous form of stress relief. :smiley:



Well one time I did something really bad… you know those do not remove stickers on mattresses at hotels? Well I got a knife and cut the ■■■■ off! I’ve got a bad temper. Just ask @MrSquirrel

Clean police record. I have got two parking fines in 18 years. No speeding tickets.

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Clean record. Never been in trouble with the police.

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Ohhhh, I thought they said do not not remove

would be fun to put on street signs too

And semis too :stuck_out_tongue:

Clean as a whistle

When I was a teenager the cops used to call me up on weekends to see what I was getting up to. I was a wild drunken party animal as a teen. I think I made the cops nervous. I do have a clean record though.

I have a clean record, always have

Apparently I have a clean record and I suppose my wild days have been over with a few years.

I have a clean record but don’t particularly deserve it. Some people go to jail for every little thing, some people never go to jail no matter what.

Yeah, my late teens and early twenties can be summed up with three words: Known to police. A person can be too smart for their own good. Might have avoided some suffering if I’d hit bottom a bit earlier.

I’ve kept my nose clean since I quit boozing and using. :smile:


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I don’t break the law. Clean record