My crimes were few and far between

But when I was 15 years old I had a friend who lived down the street who was also 15. He had an older sister who had purchased on old car for $100. It was nothing fancy, with no extras but it ran OK.

One summer day the sister eloped with her fiancee to get married in Nevada. She left her car keys and my friend took them and called me up to get over to his house. So I went over and we took his sisters car and rolled up a joint and took off for the day. Neither of us had a drivers license or even permit. But we took turns driving and we drove to our high school we went driving in the foothills, and we went to different cities.

It was so fun. But then in the late afternoon my friend was driving on our own street and he took a turn too fast, lost control of the car and we slammed into a steel light post. The car was so old that it didn’t have seat belts, or headrests and the steering wheel had no padding it was just hard plastic I didn’t think I was hurt but I looked over at my friend and he was bleeding heavily from the mouth.

About 15 seconds after we crashed everybody in the houses on the street came pouring out because it made such a loud noise. We both panicked and we just jumped out and ran away and left the car and went to my friends house. Which was rediculous because all those people who came out knew us.

Anyway, we were scared sh*less and my friend called his dad at work to take him to the hospital. It turns out, my friend had knocked out his two front teeth when his face hit the steering wheel. And the next day I discovered I had whiplash. A cop came to my house and he told me that he could arrest me for hit & run but since I didn’t have a record he let me go.

The sister came back three days later and she was so excited about getting married that she forgave us and she didn’t even make us pay for the car.


The occasional for fun crime seems to happen to us all…aslong as its not serious and no one is hurt it makes you feel alive and rebelious…good story

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A lesson gained is a lesson learned.

I did some stupid shite when I was young. I don’t hide or care about that. It’s the stupid shite I did to people I loved that matters. I can’t take that back but I sure as hell learned to get over that!



wish the thing I did at 14 was so forgivable…

anyway, yeah I’ve done some stupid stuff for the sake of ‘fun’ like the time I decided it was a good idea to super glue the locks on a police cruiser…or the time I stole a snowmobile and tried to jump over a parking lot with it…neither ended well…no charges or anything I just got to decide between being arrested or doing community service…

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The times I got caught were few and far between… :smiling_imp:

I was a good kid though who’d just been through a lifetime of mindsplitting crap before I even turned 18. I blame most of it on a small crew of punk rockers, my parents, a mad doctor and a couple of guy’s who lived out of a van. Who knows what happened, but I remained a decent kid throughout and after all.

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