Just whats up

Well anyway I have to say I have been changing a lot in the last while… I remember an awful post I made and it seems as though some of you might find I have a gangster kinda personality just only specifically because I am totally interested in true crime but I just wanna apoligize for that post. I do have drug problems and I have been in detox and jail in the last while rehabilitating from alcohol. I went to jail because of stealing alcohol from the liquor store. but basically I just wanna say that I am doing ok and I’m not that person I made myself out to be in the beginning… basically I just want to be on this website… cant hide from the internet cant hide from who you are.

but anyway cheers to everyone having a good summer.

I went to jail as well for Robbery I have now changed since then but am still getting over what I had done in my past including other things like the Tupac rap goes only God can judge me.

I have a youth record of AR at liquor store, theft of motor vehicle+highspeed. adult record of extortion and robbery. I just played the last ones to smooth and all I got charged with was damage to property and theft. the news articles read words those exactly of reckless money making.

to be more exact it kinda goes with something I learned… I don’t have to be paranoid about my thoughts… only my actions… some times you can try and be a big shot and you think you really are but when it comes down tooth and nail you do less harm then you think… you ultimately pay the price… then you learn and don’t make the same mistakes again.

All I do know is one thing though I am totally fascinated by crime… just the intensity of whats going on whether your doing it or even better just watching it on youtube, reading up on it, trying to come up with legal ways around things… I don’t know all I know is I practice self defence of myself other people and of property… I am self employed most of the time… and sometimes when I just get to wound up and on a power trip I start running into convience stores or whatever stealing 10 bucks worth of stuff right in there face and telling them to ■■■■ off.