New you drive? a pic of your car:)

i bought a new car, does anyone here drive

We just had a thread about this very thing. Yes, I drive, and I own a very old car.

this is my new sports car

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post a pic of your car

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I drive better than a few people I know. I’m usually DD if we go to a party or something. I have been entering sweepstakes to win a new car, but I don’t really care if I win I’m not greedy I just want to cruise the world in a nice car.

On Topic, I was just driving and this guy was stalking me from H-town to M-town and then I drove someone home and realized the same car was following me all the way back. I think I was tweaking a bit but IDK. It was the same truck with two beams on it. Oh and I am talking to two different police officers next week. It puts me on edge because it’s not for anything I’ve done. The first is due to a complaint I emailed to the police office that I was being treated like I wasn’t a human and that my rights were violated. The reason is because some woman accused me of shoplifting and then I wasn’t even confronted about it just the people I was with and he called me a 10-50 like I was a subhuman retard or batshit insane girl. It made me so pissed off because I’m not reckless or wild and crazy, I’ve never had a speeding ticket or citation. My criminal record is clean because I’ve never been charged with anything and if I had I would have gotten a letter about it.

So when this man called me 10-50 or whatever it was called that equals: disorderly person: I was rather offended! The other thing is the female cop questioned him on the police code like three times to confirm he assumed that.

I don’t even know how someone could think I have schizophrenia like it’s a criminal record. I don’t even have schizophrenia anyways, it is Bipolar 2 or something like that. It has been assessed in private I just go on these forums because I am a supporter and fellow survivor of problems and life issues. I don’t feel the need for politics to induce such chaos in the name of peace meaning I suspect that there is no reason for this diagnosis at all…

I drive a 2000 Chevy. I started driving when I was 17. And I’m 53 now. I’ve had years where I didn’t drive at all. I got diagnosed at age 19 and I didn’t drive again until I was 24 years old. And I didn’t drive from 1990-1996. I’ve been in a total of 6 accidents but only one was my fault.

cool car…i don’t know how to upload…i can barely turn this thing on.
but i have a blue ute xr6.
take care
p.s if you don’t have a ute or 4wd in country australia…you are being un-australian…lol

This is my awesomely fast and super cool car, chicks dig it!


A duplicate of my baby

My playcar :smile: