Who has there needs taken care of and have sz at the same time

Who here has friends, or are married, and a job…and has sz at the same time? Do you still suffer a lot, when you have your needs taken care of. I wish this would happen to me. Are you not depressed, because you have a job, friends ect. Is anybody happy, because you have your needs taken care of…and have sz at the same time?

When I was working part time (as a student full time) I felt pretty stressed out and emotionally depressive. I was constantly tired and couldn’t really enjoy anything. I could only just about relax.

Idk what the future will bring at all. I have no idea. But I’ll keep trying to get the career I’m after.


Im going to school part time for my dream career. Engaged with a big family of animals. Working part time. Most of my needs are met but not financial. Maybe in the future when im done with school in 2.5 years. I am happy when my symptoms are under control. When im having a lot of positive symptoms im unhappy in that regard but my happiness overall keeps me going.


I’m happy with my lot and have been for decades. I don’t have to work and get disability but do some regular volunteering. It keeps me in the game and focused and I do some good things. I have friends and family and live with my father. We share the bills and it’s a good existence.

Nothing to complain about at 50 years old. I have done a lot of living over the years so I’m happy for sure.


I’m not sure I understand how you’re asking “if our needs are being taken care of.” If it’s food, clothing, and shelter, then yes. I am married, and have been for 11 years. We’ve had tough financial years, but not a lot of friction between us, per se. I’m not medicated into a stupor, and I can do things for myself (until we get to Wal-Mart at 5 pm on Friday night…then I get frazzled and pause at every aisle and mark it as a milestone I’ve conquered) and keep up maintenance on stuff (take proper care of my computers, maintain my vehicles and make sure they’re 100% road ready, etc). I keep a filing system of documents and bills, and am the one who does the taxes. I have stuff, but if I had a day’s notice that a tornado was going to wipe away my home, I could pack my wife and our life into one car, leave, and be fine. I try to be ready for bad news, because, ya know, it’s always frigging something. That’s me and how I operate, I guess.


Sounds like me.

Needs met- mostly. Bed, food, clothes, emotional, check.

Married 20 years. Ups and downs, but all up for the past 3, relationship-wise. The kids stress us both out. Working on that.

Finances are tight.

I have friends, most are online but I have met a few in person. I have 1 solid local friend.

Job, I work part time as a librarian. I was a freelance writer and am a fiction author. Currently working on my second novel, slowly.

I’m perpetually stressed and have extreme anxiety, but cope. Meds help and so does therapy.


That’s great ZombieMombie!

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That’s great MoonGarden, keep it up.

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That’s great rogueone. You are an inspiration to me. It is because of your positive attitude, and you volunteer, have friends and family.

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I have a good job and financial security, but this is very stressful to me

Unfortunately, although the benefits system in the UK is pretty good, I took the work route.

If I ever have any problem that turns out permanent, then I would have to bankrupt myself of money in order to be eligible, which I will not to.

So, I will continue to work. It’s hard, but I enjoy it.

Money just complicates things.

My SZ is taken care of and so is my job, but I have never had a relationship and I don’t really have any friends

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It’s good that you are married. Somebody to lean on, and give you strength.

It’s good that you have a job, and enjoy it. That is a blessing.

This is what I think matters a lot

So many people just think of the money

That misses the point.

We spend all day at work. If you hate the job, it makes life hell

Gainful and fulfilment for my job are equals.

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Man if I had a job and enjoyed it, if I had friends, and if I was married I would be happier. At least I have my father and step-mother, who I live with.

I don’t seem to get my needs taken care of. Doesn’t matter how crappy my day is, I’m expected to see to the needs of healthier people. Aggravating.

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I take care of my own needs and would not be happy if someone else took care of them. I’ve always been this way. I think it’s one of the reasons I managed to recover. I’m not depressed. I do suffer sometimes but not a lot.

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I am married and can rely on a couple family members as well as my husband. I don’t have a job, but my needs are met. I’m still being followed and recorded though. No med has made it stop. Very frustrating.

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I’m constantly taking care of others needs.
I have very little time for my own needs.
I’ve been REAL busy taking care of my new puppy as well.
Both my psychiatrist and therapist think that taking care of a pet is what I need.

The thing is I’m getting burned out!

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I would say that I have all my needs taken care of. I don’t need much. I have my own tv, stove, refridgerator, and computer. I don’t need that much socializing.

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I don’t have a job, I’m not married, I’m not even in a relationship, I have no friends, and I don’t even have any pets and I’m perfectly content and happy within myself.

My needs are all taken care of. I’m blessed that way.