Are your needs being met?

As above folks your thoughts##



almost, i could use a companion, maybe girlfriend, friendly roommate, or maybe a puppy. and i need more activities to keep me busy. other than that, things are good.

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did you get the money?


yes i did but i spent it all on cigarettes. back to being broke. thanks for the reminder.

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Yes, food, shelter clothing and call of duty.


Maslows hierarchy of needs


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Most of the time it’s great.

I believe I have spiritual directors and care workers.

Some of them work better with me than others and I love a care worker to dote on me “would Dar ling like some coffee”.ha ha ha
It helps me have a good feeling and day.

These directors and care workers and others that help me are my idols and I am their fan.

Hopefully I give them something too.:open_mouth::slightly_smiling_face::wink::two_hearts:

I need a vacation that doesn’t involve moving or medical appointments. Last year’s vacation was consumed by a move and doctor’s appointments after my old pacemaker biffed it. This year’s vacation time was eaten up by dental visits, pacemaker visits, pacemaker surgery, and yet another move. My remaining two days of vacation this year are being wasted on my wife’s parents at X-mas, so I’m not even allowed to enjoy that break.

I need restful days off from work.

I have some basic social and emotional needs that are missing…a sense of self-worth, safety, trust, emotional stability. Intimacy and social needs. Etc. Also some practical needs, like financial security.

I think they arent really things that “need to be met”, more things im responsible for creating in myself and my environment. Working on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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On Maslows pyramid, i have just the food and shelter.

My spiritual needs are lacking, however I have plenty of money, clothes, food, Iove, family ---- I’m taken care of except a few things

Shelter and a job? Just barely , relationships and a sex life? Absolutely not.

I have everything to survive.

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