Money and such


The main thing I have noticed since my diagnosis over 20 years ago is that my lack of attending work on a regular basis translates into not enough money at the end of th month. I am sure this is not unnoticed by most of us who suffer with sz. I do not know the answer except perhaps attending work more often.
Yet that simple solution seems beyond my grasp. I am told that I do well for a patient with my diagnosis yet I do not feel particularly successful when my bills are due.


What are your major obstacles to attending to work regularly? Can you figure out what can help you to attend to work better?

what is it that you work as? is it easy

i was just wondering because i like to know what other people are doing to weigh up whether i can do it or now

Yes, it can be a problem. But, learning to “live on a dime” is not impossible. It is quite a discipline. Get to know the people who know where the good deals are - other people who are living on social security and social workers should be able to help. Good luck.


I should mention that I have worked the same job for almost 28 years. I guess that part is good for me. And I have gone through all the hoops my employer wants me to for accomodations and such at work. But I still miss a lot of days.
I have an anxiety problem on top of my sz diangnosis and it is hard to control.
I do shop at dollar stores and similar discount stores to get by financially.
I have also managed so far at least to own my own home. I just do not feel that secure with the ups and downs of my finanaces.

I have given up owning a car and take the public transportation to work and back. I can retire in about 5 years if i want to. I am in fifties now.

For those who wanted to know I am an inside postal worker.

Maybe I overreact but I have to deal with this situation the best I can I guess.


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i have to say well done for holding down a job for 20 yrs :slight_smile: i think that is a tremendous accomplishment,
i only managed 4 years of work before diagnosis and for the last 10 yrs i have been unemployed :frowning:

i would love to hold down a job that i enjoyed and pay my own way, i hate having to rely on the government for handouts. so well done to you :trophy:

Hi zaphod,
I remember you from the old days. I was retired by the government after 14 years in 1996.
But I eventually got a lower stress job that I’ve held for 15 years.
I hope to work 10 more as this place has been kind to me and they don’t stress me out.

I always read that sz gets better in your 50s and I think so.
Or maybe after years of suffering you figure out how to deal or they just get tired of you…

Hi katwomansz,

I remember you from the old days as well. I think I got online for the first time
about 1994 and shortly after that I discovered this site. The boards were a
different format, but it was a welcoming place to visit and discuss things that
I could not discuss with most friends or family. Nice to know that you are still