Who feels doped after the take of his/her ap?

I think i am quite doped after the take of my Zyprexa in the evening… But i know its my med.
Maybe one day, i’ll start to take it right before my sleep, but now i take it in 6 pm for the placebo effect too… After it kicks, i kinda of float in my head and its not so pleasant… Its even a bit paranoid… But whatever…
I went out today to the pharmacy, i feel a bit less anxious in my head i find which is new for me :slight_smile: yeah, i need lots of time still to recover, quite many efforts and just stick with this med, no matter its side effects are rough…
Take care all!


I sometimes feel doped after my evening Seroquel. But not the fun kind of doped, I just get spacey and tired and forgetful.

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I seem to be feeling tired or doped a lot. One exception is that after swimming I feel bit of an energy boost. How long have you been on zyprexa?

Yes, for me its not the fun kind of doped too… I feel more paranoid too, i wonder if its possible?
But i cant switch for an eternity my ap, my pdocs doesn’t allow it anymore… Ive did that for 9 years and it wasn’t working. I wonder if this dope will disappear with time? Maybe not…

2 years… But i was in so bad state at the start of it, that i wasn’t feeling anything on it, it was like a candy for me… Which wasn’t normal, cause its a heavy drug… I mean, that it pulled me out of the bed, this is true, but it wasn’t helping my ‘‘ill’’ psyche… My doc said it can act after years…

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Ive been taking my seraqoul 300mg during the day for anxiety - and i feel doped up, but not enough to sleep. Its as much as i can do to put the kettle on - no wonder my flats a tip.

Is it possible, that the Zyprexa lifts a bit my paranoia after it take? It feels like this tbh… But i cant change it anymore… I wonder if this will stop with time?..

After an hour or two since taking my meds I get restless legs real bad so I got to take my meds near bed time. If I take it earlier in the evening I get troubled by restless legs in bed. My AP’S don’t make me very sleepy though.

@Hadeda, you was on Zyprexa too, isn’t it? How so it works against the depression? Me, i find too, that it works against the negatives a bit, against the depression…
It doesn’t really put me to sleep still either…

I did when i used higher doses. On 5mg haldol i could barely follow a conversation and would look doped too. Now i dont. At this moment i dont really notice a difference, good or bad, when i forget meds.

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Sometimes when I take my geodon during the day it knocks me out like I’ve been bludgeoned. Other times it does. I’m learning to live with it.

Ever since latuda and perphenazine, nope. But zyprexa and clozapine, definitely!

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Zyprexa gives me insomnia so I have to take it in the morning. The first night I took it at bedtime, I didn’t sleep all night long. The next two nights, I took it at bedtime and ended up taking Klonopin at 2 a.m. to force myself to sleep. Then I started taking it in the early morning when I got up to use the bathroom and I sleep fine now. I also take 6 mg of Melatonin at bedtime.

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But isn’t it paradoxical, that it gives insomnia? I have a non sz friend, who takes it just for depression and anxiety, and it gives her energy too…
Personnaly, i am more paranoid in the evenings, i even should hide in my flat still, but maybe its me, not Zyprexa… I just wonder if it can increase the paranoia?

I get a pretty strong doped feeling from L-theanine. I sleep a lot more. I’m thinking L-theanine is about as strong as an antipsychotic. It’s definitely having an effect on me.

I’ve tried to take few days in row 15 mg’s and it did absolutely nothing.

Zoa, i start to feel just now my Zyprexa… After two years of taking it, you know… We tried everything else with my ex pdoc and i didn’t have relief from another ap either… So she ended up to say to just wait. In the start the Zyprexa pulled me out of the bed, but i had no effect on my sick mind… Its the time now for it, but i should continue my efforts also…
But do you, people, believe, that the Zyprexa can raise my paranoia for a bit in the evenings after it take? I cant understand if its the illness or no… But if it lifts everything, maybe its possible, no? :confused:

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I don’t know.It seems that you are out of options.I would think if dose is right.What is your diagnosis?Maybe a mood stabilizer?

My diagnosis is paranoid sz. I have Depakote too. Ill do it, don’t worry. I just try to figure, if i have a paranoia side effect or its me…

No,it isn’t you.You are strong,but maybe anxious…You need some change,maybe a few days at some nice place,just to change environment you live…