Instead of a kick in after my pill, i feel bad, its normal?

I cant really switch my Zyprexa cause in the day I am a bit better with it. but for 2 hours after taking it in the evening, I feel really bad. I think too much, I feel like my brain is smashed, a mess, its terrible… somebody understands this? I feel hopeless for 2 hours after my pill in the evening… is it normal to have this instead one ''kick in"?

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Zyprexa kept running out for me. Then i would get all these disturbing intrusive thoughts about doing socially deviant things. Many of those thoughts were about commiting incest with my family member or becoming gay and having sex with other men. I switched to seroquel xr and the running out stopped now it only happens about once a week. When those frightening thoughts come back i isolate myself and try and think my way out of it. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

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does anybody else who is feeling bad a bit after the taking of his pill? or for you all, your all aps kick in?
me I am stuck with the Zyprexa cause in the day I am fine. I suffer because of the schizophrenia still but I am better in the day with my ap. the problem are the evenings after taking my pill…

its some deadfull tiredeness that I feel after my pill for 3 hours after taking it. will this disappear one day? its pity cause I feel better in the day with this Zyprexa…

somebody can explain me why this? because Zyprexa suppresses dopamine is this? gosh, I hope it will be gone away one day, its really hard…

sorry to be annoying but no one here feels the same after his pills? maybe its normal because the aps are killers of dopamine. I feel groggy a lot plus anxious about my future. but in the day, I see my progress with this med so I dont really want to stop it or to switch. I dont know what to do with this side effect. its 3 hours from my life that are stolen in suffering :/.

Take zyprexa before bedtime, as it is sedating.

I sleep in different time so its hard to take it before sleep. I know its better to take it in the same hour… but its a strange feeling that I have, it really depresses me to a hellish point… plus I start to get anxious… after 3 hours it goes away. but why this effect? and can this get better with the time?